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For anglers and fishing enthusiasts, a bait shop is a glorious place as indispensable to the hobby as the fish themselves. Not only can bait shops offer a large variety of bait and tackle, but it can become a hub of local meetings that allow fishing fans to discuss fishing, weather, and even the best spots for that next bit catch.

Are you interested in finding a bait shop in your area? You’re in luck! Simply browse bait shops near me on the map below and find a list of bait shops in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on bait shops and fishing? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history!

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When was the fishing industry first commercialized?

Fishing has existed since ancient times and likely even before history was recorded. Despite its long and storied past, the fishing industry wasn’t commercialized until the 18th century, when rods and tackle were first placed on sale at the Haberdashers store in England. After the Great Fire of London struck in 1666, artisans moved to the town of Redditch, which quickly grew to become the epicenter of production of fishing related products from the 1730s and on. One of the first established fishing and tackle shops was established by Onesimus Ustonson in 1761, his shop remained a market leader in the fishing industry for the next century. He even received a Royal Warrant to become the official supplier of fishing tackle to three successive English monarchs, beginning with King George IV. Though the history is a bit unclear, some even credit Onesimus with inventing the first fishing reel. While some dispute this, he was in the very least the first to advertise the sale of fishing reels. Early reels were quite small in diameter. Their gears were made of brass and often wore down after extensive use. Consider the history of these shops while searching bait shops near me!

bait shops near me

Bait shops are the best place to find both artificial and natural lures.

When was bait first used historically?

If you’re on the hunt for bait shops near me, you may be inclined to wonder when bait was first implemented by anglers. The recorded history of artificial baits begins in the seventeenth century. Of course, it’s highly possible that these baits were being used long before this time period. Due to the fact that many anglers crafted bait themselves, historians rely upon written records to connect the dots. Local craftsmen in the 17th century often documented preparing rods and hooks, along with artificial bait. Anglers “trolled” using live or dead baits up until the eighteenth century, when tackle shops were common and many sold minnow baits made of tin. Fishing with artificial bait only didn’t gain massive popularity until the second World War ended. This is also when “spinning” became quite popular amongst experienced anglers.

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The Artificial Minnow

Any fishing enthusiast searching bait shops near me knows the importance of the artificial minnow well. Although it is not known when exactly the artificial minnow was first invented, the 1850s proved to be the heyday of the artificial minnow. Though more primitive than the baits used today, these baits were remarkably lifelike and had a pair of fin-like vanes located near the head. The vanes were set an acute angle to the water flow, which allowed the bait to spin and lure. The line was typically tied onto a fixing that was positioned at the head of the minnow. In the early days, minnows were made of all kinds of materials, including silk, German silver, celluloid, sole skin, horn, rubber, tin, and gutta-percha. Minnows maintained high popularity until the late 20th century when they were finally eclipsed in popularity by more modern baits that allowed for greater luring and proved more effective for less experienced anglers.

Hybrid Baits

While you may know the standard baits while searching bait shops near me, you may not be well informed on hybrid baits just yet. Hybrid baits, were marketed from 1885 onwards. They had a spinning vane at the head which was attached to trailing treble. The hooks were concealed by a skirt of peacock herl which allowed for the bait to look remarkably similar to a fly. Many strange iterations of the hybrid bait appeared, including Allcock’s Scarlet spinner, a bright red bait that twisted into a distinctive spiral in the water. Another strange hybrid was the Dazzle bait, which came in several shapes and sizes.

Natural Baits

Of course, for the traditional angler searching bait shops near me, nothing beats the effectiveness of natural baits. Natural baits may be purchased and used alive or dead. Common natural baits include worms, leeches, minnows, frogs, salamanders, and insects. Natural baits are always highly effective due to their color and odor. In fact, they can at times prove more successful than artificial bait.

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