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One of the most common thing to find in stores across America is beauty products. While there may be an assortment of products for cheap, they may not be the best quality. If you want a good quality beauty product, your best bet would be to look at beauty supply stores.

While some may be a bit pricey, they give you the best bang for your buck. They give you products that you can actually trust. If you’re now itching to get your hands on some quality products, just search “Beauty Supply Near Me” to see the closest store and to check out their stock!

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Does Makeup Ever Expire?

While you may think that of course make does not expire, it actually does! Many products may not have an expiration date, but that doesn’t mean that the product never expires. Each type makeup has its own timeline for when you should toss it even if you think otherwise. Makeup such as mascara or liquid or gel eyeliner should be tossed within three months while pencil eyeliners or powders should be tossed after two years.

beauty supply near me

There are plenty of options to choose from when you pick your makeup.

It may be tricky to remember when you purchased your items so just take a look at it. If the product has a different smell or the formula is now clumpy or dry, it’s probably best to toss it. You may be tempted to keep expired makeup because you don’t feel like paying for more or you think it won’t be harmful. Keeping expired makeup though just gives it the chance to breed harmful bacteria.

If A Product Is Said To Be Hypoallergenic, What Is It Least Likely To Do?

This is a bit of easier question for you to answer, but some people may not actually know. If a product describes itself as Hypoallergenic, it means that it should not cause any allergic reactions. This is never a 100% guarantee though. Products are not one size fits all because everyone’s skin happens to be different. You may have skin that is much more sensitive and the product may not work for you.

Make sure to test the products for at least two weeks or so to see if it causes any reactions. Obviously with a sudden reaction you should stop using immediately. If you develop a reaction after two weeks, toss it and keep shopping around until you find the correct one. Remember to search “Beauty Supply Near Me” to find a store and get your new products!

Which is the world’s largest cosmetics company?

There are many large cosmetic companies in the world, but none of them can quite compare to the company of L’Oreal. This French company which was founded in 1909, is among the top ten best cosmetic companies in the world. It makes products in areas such hair care, skin care and perfumes and has a revenue of about $29.94 billion.

Beauty Supply Near Me – Beauty Supply Facts

Egyptian Queens Regularly Used Kohl Eyeliner

One of the first beauty products to ever be used was a version of eyeliner. It was originally applied to prevent eye disease and protect the eyes from the sun. It was a black paste that was created from an array of items depending on the location. It usually contained galena which was an ore that contained lead. Today’s eyeliner formulas have been changed to reduce the toxicity in the product.

Fish Scales Are Used In Many Beauty Products

You may be quite disgusted or weirded out when you learn this fact, but it’s perfectly harmless! Ground fish scales have been used for many years in western cosmetic products and it’s bound to change any time soon. The substance is called pearl essence and is not only used in cosmetics, but other things as well. It’s the thing that gives some eye shadows and lipstick their glitter and shine.

A Mascara Was Once Sold That Blinded Many Women And Even Killed One

There was a mascara that was sold around sometime in 1930s and claimed to be a permanent mascara. It was called Lash Lure and it ended up blinding multiple women and even killing once. It came out before there were any regulations concerning product safety and as a result a harmful product was leaked to the public. It contained a compound known as phenylenediamin and it was one that had never before been tests on humans.

Nail Polish Originated In China

While the ancient Egyptians did stain their nails with henna, it was actually the Chinese who developed actual nail polish. They create nail lacquers from beeswax, gum arabic, colored powders and even egg whites. They used whatever possible in order to create the look. The earliest nail polishes are dated back to at least 3000 BC.

Lipsomes Deliver Vitamins Into Your Skin

While they definitely not may be a favorite of everyone, this is quite a product to use. It delivers that vitamins you need in order to make you look absolutely stunning. If you’re interested in finding some, search “Beauty Supply Near Me”!

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