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Shoe lovers everywhere can agree on one thing, DSW is a mecca when it comes to brands, choices, and styles. No matter what the season, DSW offers hundreds of styles of name brand shoes all at prices lower than department stores. Every DSW also offers accessories, jewelry, and seasonal apparel.

Are you interested in finding a DSW near you? Simply browse DSW near me on the map below and find a list of DSW locations within a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on DSW? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more on DSW shoes!

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DSW Near Me – DSW Trivia

When was DSW first established?

The roots of DSW go way back to 1917 when the Schottenstein family began running businesses out of Ohio. The first store was opened by the patriarch of the family, Ephraim L. Schottenstein. His first venture, the E.L. Schottenstein Department Store in Columbus, Ohio was a runaway success. This not only solidified the Schottenstein family name in the business community but opened more avenues for success. His son, Jerome M. Schottenstein, began working for the family business as a teenager, taking on executive responsibilities in 1946 when he was just 20 years old. Jerome went on to spend nearly half a century building his father’s business into a modern and streamlined corporation, one that could contend with a fickle and ever changing market. By 1972, he became the chief executive of the family businesses and began to invest in a number of retail concerns, thus making way for the corporate progress that would eventually constitute the entire Schottenstein empire. Despite the progress made by Jerome, the core of the business still sprang from the Schottenstein department stores in Columbus. Though the emphasis of the stores was on apparel items, shoes became a hot seller in a post World War II market. In 1969, Jerome created DSW to grow and prosper alongside the family’s core retail businesses. Adding a shoe store proved a popular and successful idea, especially as an emphasis on footwear began to grow in the US. As you search DSW near me, consider just how far this chain has come since its early beginnings.

dsw near me

Every DSW features an open format upscale feel.

When did DSW expand into a chain?

The growth at DSW was steady and swift. By the time the 1990s rolled around, an average of seven new DSW outlets were being opened every year. Soon DSW began to fan from its base in Ohio and establish stores in the Midwest and the Northeast. Later in its development, the company pursued expansion much more aggressively, but before doing so, control over the concept of DSW changed hands several times. Nowadays, there are 180 stores located across 32 states in the US. The brand currently employees around 4,800 retail employees. As you search DSW near me, consider just how this brand has swiftly become a game change in the shoe marketplace.

DSW Near Me – DSW Facts

Saving Money AT DSW

Any shoe addict knows that it’s important to save money even embroiled in the act of buying more shoes. So how does one get everything they want by saving money and still getting a boat load of shoes? Well, DSW has many ways to save money and still score a great item. For starters, sign up for a DSW rewards card. Members earn points on every purchase and frequently receive coupons in the mail and through email for a percentage off the total purchase or for a certain dollar amount off of your entire purchase. Either way, they can quickly add up. Many DSW customers have been treated to $20-$30 off $50 or $100. Members will always receive discounts on their birthdays and during special sales. Another great tip for saving money is to scour the clearance racks. They can be a true hub of excellent finds. Most of the time, this is where a shoe lover can get the best deals in the store. Even if something is regularly priced online, odds are you can find it on discount in the actual clearance section. Every item in clearance is marked down and then you are granted an additional 20%, 30%, 40%, or 50% off based on the color tag marked on the shoe. Members have been known to score designer shoes for more than 70% off the retail price when combining the clearance price with the additional percentage off. DSW also offers handbags and accessories in their clearance section, meaning you can score a total look for well under retail value. If you’re looking to save while searching DSW near me, you’ve come to the right place!

Shoe Lovers Care

If you’re searching DSW near me, you may be interested in finding out just how DSW gives back to the community. Every DSW is a part of the Shoe Lovers Care foundation in which Shoe Lovers gather together to help out their communities and give back. Shoe Lovers raise money, volunteer in community projects, and help to raise awareness of causes that are important to them. It goes without saying, that DSW’s commitment to the communities they serve is one of the cornerstones of their success. By making a positive mark on the world and on the numerous organizations they help succeed, DSW is making strides towards their own form of positive success.

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