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Gamers young and old are always looking for the best prices and selection when it comes to video games and gaming consoles. While there are a variety of places to pick up the latest PS4 gaming title, few offer the competitive pricing options of Game Stop. Not only does Game Stop offer gamers the option of trading in games for cash or credit, but they resell games for a major discount to those who aren’t afraid of going the preowned route. Game Stop also offers pre order incentives and a rewards program, so you can get the most bang for your buck.

Interested in finding a Game Stop location nearest you? Simply browse Game Stop near me on the map below and find a Game Stop location near you. Need a bit more information on Game Stop? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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True or false: Game Stop started out by selling Atari titles.

It might not come as a surprise that the history of Game Stop actually began with the iconic Atari, but what you might not know is just how long ago this brand put down roots. Consider these facts as you search Game Stop near me. The concept for Game Stop was first conceptualized in 1983 when a pair of Texas entrepreneurs named James McCurry and Gary Cusin decided to open up a modest software store named Babbage’s in a Dallas shopping mall. At the time, Atari was suffering a steep decline due to a lack of interest from gamers and youths from coast to coast. Babbage was offering Atari titles at low prices, while also telling personal computer programs. Their diverse inventory and knowledge on both Atari games and personal computers allowed for the pair to tread water and make a profit even before Nintendo stepped into reinvigorate the entire industry. In 1994, Babbage’s merged with a company known as Software Etc. which was eventually bought out by Barnes & Noble in 1999. At this point in time, the name was changed to Game Stop. Dan DeMatteo, the CEO, named the store after BookSTop, a chain he loved back in the 1980s.

game stop near me

Game Stop has every gaming title you could ever need!

Does Game Stop buy and resell games?

If you’re searching Game Stop near me, you can rest assured that Game Stop 100% buys and resells games. In fact, Game Stop’s lifeline is buying and selling used game titles to patrons from all across the world. Rather than putting down the capital to spend full retail on a new game, buyers are given the choice to pick a pre used copy for significantly less. The re-sell section of Game Stop actually makes up around 44% of the brands total profits due to a healthy dose of markups. For example, a $15 trade in can be resold for as much as $38 depending on demand for the game and the overall condition that the game is in at the time of trade. Naturally, the game developers don’t see any money from second hand sales, which has lead to a great deal of conflict between Game Stop and the developers of the titles. In fact, some argue that Microsoft was once attempting to create games that included “lockout chips” that could prevent titles from being resold.

Game Stop Near Me – Game Stop Facts

You Won’t Find Your Game In Store

If you’re trading in your game, don’t expect to find it on the shelves of the store you sold it to. Logically, you might be inclined to believe that stores are supplied by local gamers, but used titles that are sold to Game Stop don’t actually end up on the shelves of the store they were sold to. Consider this as you search Game Stop near me. After a game is purchased by game stop, the game is sent to the company’s refurbishment center that is located in Grapevine, Texas. The games are then buffed up and thoroughly inspected to make sure they’re still playable. Only after the games have gone through the inspection process can be they be shipped back out for sale at various Game Stop locations. Some estimate that some 400,000 games are processed at the refurbishment facility every single week. That’s a lot of pre-loved games to behold!

One Man’s Trash

They say one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, when it comes to Game Stop truer words have never been spoken. What exactly does trash have to do with Game Stop? Apparently, more than you think. It’s clear that Game Stop does a pretty brisk business when it comes to used inventory. Some 12 million titles pass through the refurbishment center on an annual basis. That’s a lot of video games being sorted, processed, and shipped out for sale. Unfortunately, many stores don’t have enough room to carry the amount of games that are available in stock. In order to make space for more profitable and in demand games, Game Stop tends to throw out games and other items that occupy too much shelf space. The games aren’t even destroyed prior to being thrown out, they’re simply tossed in the dumpster at back. While it might seem like a total waste to some, enterprising gamers have taken to going through Gamestop’s dumpsters in hopes of finding discarded titles, game accessories and guidebooks. Of course, all good things come to an end. When several Game Stops heard of what was happening, they issued a new policy of “field destroying” any items that could potentially be picked out of the garbage and played or resold by opportunistic gamers. As you search Game Stop near me, do you think it’s right that titles are discarded or destroyed for simply taking up too much space? Sound off below!

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