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Though halal is an arabic word that means “permissible” in terms of food, it’s quickly becoming a catch all term in the states to describe Arab food. Now more than ever, halal food is popular amongst those who practice a variety of faiths and come from all kinds of backgrounds.

Are you interested in finding halal food near you? Simply browse halal food near me on the map below and find a list of halal food places near you. Need a bit more information on halal food? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new.

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Halal Food Near Me – Halal Food Trivia

What are Halal meals?

The phrase “halal” food has grown into a catch all term for foods that are popular in many Arab nations. But what exactly is halal food in the traditional sense? Consider these facts as you search halal food near me. In a nutshell, halal is an arabic word that means “permissible.” In terms of food, it refers to foods that are permissible to be eaten under Islamic law. For a meat to be certified “halal” it cannot be a forbidden cut (such as meat that comes from the hindquarters) or a forbidden animal (such as pork). Halal food is prepared in a very distinct way and under a strict code of standards. Any meat that is not considered to be “halal” is not permissible to be eaten by anyone who practices the Islamic faith seriously. While anyone can eat halal food, it is not something that can be taken lightly to those who hail from Arab nations or who identify with the Islamic faith.

halal food near me

Halal food is delicious, healthy, and humane.

What’s the difference between halal meat and non-Halal meat?

You might not think there is much of a difference between halal meat and non-halal meat. After all, aren’t most animals the same? Well halal meat doesn’t have as much to do with the animal itself as it does with the way the animals are slaughtered for food. Islam places a great deal of emphasis on the way in which a given animal’s life comes to an end, which must comply with Islamic regulations. Life is considered to be a sacred blessing of God, so taking life of any kind is not to be taken lightly. According to Islamic code, if the life of an animal must be ended for human survival, then its life should only be taken in the name of god. This is why the phrase “bismillah” (in the name of God), must be uttered right before slaughtering an animal. Muslims cannot consume the meat of animals that are sacrificed to any other name, only god. Islamic law makes it so an animal can only be killed by having its throat cut in one continuous motion with a sharp knife. This is considered a more humane way to slaughter animals as they quickly lose consciousness and do not feel any pain. In addition to humane slaughter, animals must be well treated before being killed are not permitted to see other animals being killed as this can cause distress. It is also imperative that the animal be in a comfortable position and not see the knife prior to being killed. As you search halal food near me, consider the differences between halal meat and non-halal meat.

Halal Food Near Me – Halal Food Facts

Halal is Healthier And Kinder

While some argue that the method of slaughter used by halal isn’t humane, others will argue that halal is the healthiest and kindest way to process food. Islamic methods are said to be beneficial to human health and tend to be less stressful to the animal. Since Islamic code requires that all blood be drained from an animal, some believe that the meat produced is cleaner, healthier, and free from any excessive microbial growth. In addition, the meat is believed to lack fear toxins. Fear toxins are believed to cause fear and anxiety in humans. Since the animal is not stressed out or fearful before the process, the meat is said to be far better for human consumption. It is also believed that the halal method of preparing animals is much more hygienic and humane overall. Animals are not allowed to be beaten or stunned and they are certainly not privy to witness the death of a friend or fellow animal. What are your thoughts on halal preparation as you search halal near me?

Where To Find Halal Foods

Now that you know how halal foods are prepared, you’re probably wondering where you can find halal food near me. Well, given the expanding popularity of meats and foods prepared with halal in mind, it’s easier than ever to find a grocer who supplies halal food in your area. The best bet for finding halal food is to visit a Middle eastern grocer. In larger cities, you should also be able to locate a number of halal butchers. If you don’t have access to these two things, fret not, halal foods are now being offered in many national supermarket chains. In fact, many even carry halal turkeys for the Thanksgiving holiday. If you still can’t locate good halal food in your area, you can find halal food online. While not every online shop will ship food to every location in the US, if you live in many more populated regions, you should have no issue in locating a reputable halal store. In most large metropolitan areas, halal is also lumped under the banner of all middle eastern cuisine. In cities such as New York and Los Angeles, where food truck culture is popular, you’ll find halal carts and trucks offering falafel, chicken over rice, and flavorful kabobs at low prices. If you stumble upon one of these carts, you’ll quickly find yourself drooling and enduring the long lines/wait just to get a taste!

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