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Looking for a thrill or chill that watching a horror movie can’t bring? Step outside of your comfort zone and try visiting a haunted house. Not only are haunted houses a great way to get you scare on, but they’re endlessly entertaining for groups of all ages.

Are you interested in finding haunted houses near you? Simply browse haunted houses near me on the map below and find a list of haunted houses in your area. Need a bit more information on the history of the haunted house? How about some spooky trivia? Read on and scare up some new information on haunted houses.

Haunted Houses Near Me – Find it on the Map

Haunted Houses Near Me – Haunted Houses Trivia

Are there really more haunted houses in the US than Target Locations?

Target might be one of America’s most popular and revealed retailers, but in terms of location, they can’t keep up with the spellbinding growth of the haunted house industry. That’s right, there are currently more haunted houses in the United States than there are Target stores. As you search haunted houses near me, consider these facts. Recent estimates from the Haunted House Association show that there are more than 2,700 haunted attractions operating across the United States. These businesses are mostly in business in the autumn months, though some do operate year round. Target only boasts a mere 1,800 locations in comparison. Haunted houses have been popular for some time and won’t be going anywhere anytime soon. There is something about being frightened in a safe environment that people are simply addicted to!

haunted houses near me

Haunted houses can offer the excitement of a horror movie in real time!

How much money do haunted houses pull in annually?

Given the brief season that most haunted houses operate in, you might think that haunted attractions don’t make very much in the grand scheme of things. In reality, if done correctly, a haunted attraction can be a highly lucrative venture. The Haunted House Association estimates that in the months of September-October, haunted houses from coast to coast pull in a whopping $300 million a year. In fact, 20% of all Americans who celebrate Halloween will visit a haunted attraction at some point during the autumn season. Individual attractions have been known to make $2 or $3 million just during the month of October. Given The lucrative nature of the haunted house, it’s no reason so many attractions choose to stay open year round. As you search haunted houses near me, consider how the art of being scared has become a widespread phenomenon. Haunted houses will only up the ante by hiring better actors, boasting bigger production budgets, and coming up with even spookier storylines. Some might even begin to cross the line in allowing touch or more physical sensations to occur.

Haunted Houses Near Me – Haunted Houses Facts

The Cost of Entrance

If you’re searching haunted houses near me, you might want to keep in mind just how much it will typically cost you to visit a haunted house. Every haunted house is different, meaning no two ventures will cost exactly the same amount. For seasonal haunted houses, the average ticket price ranges from $15 to $40 per person. This can be slightly higher or slightly lower depending on the venue, the type of attraction, and if it employs actors or uses volunteers. The $15 to $40 tends to offer the most basic experience. Some haunted houses will offer better VIP experiences for those who are willing to shell out a bit more dough. In many cases, your haunted house experience might just depend on how much you’re willing to pay.

A Charitable Scare

While most haunted attractions are a for profit operation run as an independent business, others operate as charitable foundations. As you search haunted houses near me, consider these facts. Most haunted houses in the US aren’t motivated by profit alone. In fact, more than 80 percent of all haunted attractions are run by a charitable organization, with most donating up to 100 percent of their proceeds to their charity they support. Given how lucrative haunted houses can be, these charitable organizations can often make millions of dollars to benefit their causes. One haunted attraction in Texas has raised more than $1.7 million for local charities since opening up some years ago.

Have a heart condition? Skip the Haunted House!

While it’s never fun to let a medical condition keep you from living your life and having a good time, those with a heart condition should consider skipping a haunted house, especially if they spook easily. Some doctors have noted that one actors jump out at a civilian, your heart rate can jump multiple times, even soaring past 146 beats a minute. This is enough to make the body react as if you were exercising in a very strenuous manner. While most adults who are healthy can handle this type of strain, anyone with an unhealthy heart or a history of heart issues should skip the haunted house altogether. These sudden spikes in heart rate can cause an irregular heartbeat and even a heart attack. As you search haunted houses near me, always keep your health and well being in mind!

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