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When struggling to hear, even a simple conversation can feel complicated and overwhelming. Not only does hearing impairment keep you from enjoying the sounds you once did, but it can even affect your overall ability to socialize and enjoy life. With the right hearing aid you can gain back your sense of independence and your quality of life.

Need a hearing aid? Simply browse hearing aids near me on the map below and find a list of hearing aid suppliers and physicians near you. Need a bit more information on finding the right hearing aid? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on hearing aids.

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Hearing Aids Near Me – Hearing Aids Trivia

True or false: Hearing aids are just for the elderly.

Odds are that as a child you heard Grandma or Grandpa talking about adjusting their hearing aids. While elderly people can often suffer from a loss of hearing as they age; hearing aids are not just for the elderly. In fact, people of all ages can suffer from hearing loss, thus requiring some help via a hearing aid. As you search hearing aids near me, consider these startling statistics on hearing loss. According to the World Health Organization, around 466 million people across the world report suffering from a disabling hearing loss. Of that number, 34 million are children. That’s right, a large portion of those needing hearing aids are actually folks under the age of 18. Its believed that by the year 2015, almost 900 million people will be affected by hearing loss. Why the increase? The World Health Organization believes that around 1.1 billion young people who are currently between the ages of 12 and 35 are at risk of hearing loss due to exposure to loud noise in recreational settings. Yes, this includes listening to music too loud and wearing earbuds at a high volume.

Hearing aids are slimmer and more effective than ever before.

hearing aids near me

True or false: Hearing aids can cure hearing loss.

Hearing aids are a miraculous invention that can allow those affected by hearing loss to hear. Yet, there is a limitation as to what a hearing aid can do. Can a hearing aid cure hearing loss? Here’s the hard truth as you search hearing aids near me. Unfortunately, a hearing aid cannot cure hearing loss or return your hearing to normal. However, wearing a hearing aid can help you to hear conversations, listen to the TV or the radio, and improve your overall quality of life. While a hearing aid is not a cure, it can help to bolster your hearing and pick up on the sounds you’ve surely been missing. One more thing about hearing aids- they can automatically adjust to your surroundings. This means you won’t have to manually adjust your hearing aid to hear someone over dinner or when taking in a film at the local cinema. This is a far cry from the old hearing aids that often required a lot of adjustment based on environment and the overall volume in which someone was speaking.

Hearing Aids Near Me – Hearing Aids Facts

The Number One Cause Of Hearing Loss

Hearing loss can be devastating. While many cases of hearing loss cannot be prevented, some of the top causes of hearing loss are actually preventable or in the very least environmental. What is the number one cause of hearing loss? Consider this as you search hearing aids near me. Without question, the most prominent cause of hearing loss is noise exposure. This can include listening to music at too high of a volume, working in a loud or noisy environment, or even being exposed to loud noises frequently. Noise can do irreversible damage to hearing. All it really takes is one extremely loud sound greater than 100 decibels or exposure over time to noises louder than 85 decibels. The physical trauma that occurs due to these sounds is enough to bend and break the hair cells in the ear. Unfortunately, these cells cannot be repaired. Only a hearing test can determine whether your ears have been sufficiently damaged by noise exposure. Though, there are some early warning signs. Muffled speech and tinnitus are all key symptoms of hearing loss due to noise exposure.

Different Models

Back in the day- hearing aids were often bulky and visible to the naked eyes. Thanks to modern advances in technology, that’s no longer the case. Now there are hearing aids to fit every lifestyle or level of activity. When you picture a hearing aid, what do you see? Is it large and visible from several feet away? That’s the image that most often comes to mind while searching hearing aids near me. Here’s the thing- most people don’t opt for those large blue-tooth like models anymore. Instead, they go for invisible in-canal devices. These devices are completely hidden from view. No one will know you’re wearing a hearing aid unless you want them to. In-ear-aids, are easy to operate and great for someone who leads an active life. Behind the ear traditional models are a bit more complicated but they tend to boast more power. Finding the right hearing aid means finding a balance between looking good and your level of dexterity or overall lifestyle. When you make an appointment for a hearing aid, your audiologist will help you to find the device that suits your needs financially and physically. Kiss those bulky hearing aids goodbye!

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