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In 1878, the first American nail salon opened in New York City. Dubbed Mrs. Cobb’s Manicure parlor, Mary Cobb, charged just $1.25 for a manicure. Within a decade, her small nail salon was booming with a laundry list of clientele. From socialites to showgirls, women in the New York area couldn’t get enough of Mary’s nail salon. Since those days, nail salons are as commonplace in America as grocery stores.

For the woman or man seeking a bit of pampering in the form of a manicure, pedicure, or even a massage; a nail salon is a great way to feel pampered and put together. Interested in finding a nail salon in your area? Simply browse nail salons near me on the map below. You’ll find all of the nail salons within a close proximity to you. Curious about nail salons in general? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on nail salons!

Nail Salons Near Me – Find it on the Map

Nail Salons Near Me – Nail Salons Trivia

True or false: French kings loved receiving manicures.

True! While you may not be royalty seeking nail salons near me, we’re sure you’d love to be treated as such. It’s well known that French kings loved to be pampered, but many people don’t know that these royal dudes loved to get a good manicure. But before you think of these kings as purely vain, the modern manicure was actually born in the 19th century for medical reasons rather than beauty. Manicures of the past were meant to keep fingernails and toenails clean and free of dirt. Royals loved this treatment as it was something the common man did not have access to.

nail salons near me

Most modern nail salons are looking to create a spa like atmosphere to make every appointment feel like a special treat.

True or false: Wearing nail polish was once an act of rebellion.

Nowadays, wearing nail polish isn’t exactly an act of rebellion, but in the past, donning nail polish was for bad girls only. In fact, many girls who wore nail polish in the past were considered risky and dangerous, as they were bold and outside of societal norms. Nail polish gained massive popularity as fashionable women picked up the habit of smoking and wanted to show off while holding their cigarette.

Who invented the French Manicure?

While logic might help one to conclude that the French invented the French manicure, this was actually an invention of Hollywood. While supplying beauty products to film and television sets in Hollywood, Jeff Pink developed a nail look that would suit an actress’s frequent need to change costume and lipstick colors. He created the French manicure by painting nail tips an opaque chalk white and the nail bed a transparent tone. He dubbed it the natural look nail that later came to be known as the French manicure.

Who was the first person to rock yellow nails?

If you’re searching for nail salons near me, you might be looking to try a crazy new look. While it’s hard to think of anything nowadays that hasn’t already been done, back in the 80’s neon colors weren’t really a thing in terms of nail color until Madonna began rocking yellow nails. The trend soon caught on like wildfire and women all over the country were donning neon nails. Now nail art is a trend that makes neon nails look totally tame by comparison!

Nail Salons Near Me – Nail Salons Facts

200,000 Nail Salons In The US

If you’re searching nail salons near me, you shouldn’t have any problem at all in finding a location in your area. With 200,000 nail salons located all over the US, almost anyone can find a place to go for some well deserved pampering. Nail salons rake in about 8.5 billion in revenue every year in the US alone.

The Average Cost of a Manicure

While searching nail salons near me, always keep location in mind when determining just how much your hour of bliss is going to cost. Small nail salons in rural areas tend to charge around $10-15 for a manicure. At spas or salons in more urban areas, a manicure can set you back $20-$25 for a standard manicure and $40 or more for a deluxe manicure that includes acrylics. Gel manicures and manicures that include nail art will be considerably more!

The Busiest Day Of The Week At Nail Salons

When searching nail salons near me, you might be wondering what the busiest days of the week are. To the surprise of many, the busiest day of the week at a nail salon is Thursday. Friday and Saturday are the second and third busiest days of the week. If you’re looking to avoid the crowds, try getting to a nail salon between Sunday and Tuesday. You’ll likely be able to walk right in without an appointment!

Five Surprising Facts About Nail Salons

Let your quest to find nail salons near me teach you something new! Read on for five surprising facts about nail salons.

1. Nail art is booming and doesn’t appear to be going anywhere soon. With social media sites such as Pinterest and Instagram boasting thousands of nail art pics per week, this trend is only going to grow.

2. Nail technicians earn an average of $675.00 a week, though this can vary based on tips/region.

3. California has the most nail salons of any state with over 7,000 stand alone nail salons!

4. Gel manicures are now requested by clients 35% of the time. Many techs see gel taking the place of acrylics for good one day.

5. Nail salons never turn customers away, even if they’re sick or under the weather. While this might not be great during flu season, it does mean that everyone has a shot at having glamorous nails!

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