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Anyone who owns a business or works in an office knows all too well the importance of quality products. Since 1988, OfficeMax has been the leading supplier of office supplies and business products in the United States. From printer paper to laptops, you can find anything you need to keep your business running smoothly at an OfficeMax location.

Are you interested in finding an Officemax near you? Simply browse Officemax near me on the map below and find a list of OfficeMax locations nearest you! Need a bit more information on Office Max? Read on for facts, trivia, and more information regarding this iconic office supply chain.

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Who founded OfficeMax?

OfficeMax has been an integral part of American businesses for nearly 30 years, but who exactly founded OfficeMax? Consider this as you search Officemax near me. The concept for OfficeMax was first hatched by two eager entrepreneurs named Michael Feuer and Robert Hurwitz. It was Feuer who initially became the driving force behind the chain’s overall growth. Feuer had been nurturing the idea of an office supply chain for more than 17 years as he worked for retailer Fabri-Centers of America. By the time Feuer was in his early 40s, he had risen to the executive ranks at the Cleveland based chain but was becoming frustrated with his role and the way the company was being operated. When age 42 rolled around, Feuer was quite bored and like many executives, wanted to do things on his own terms. He wanted to cut through the nonsense and streamline the business, unfortunately Fabri-Centers of America didn’t quite see eye to eye. After partnering up with Hurwitz, Feuer decided the time had come to launch OfficeMax. The duo decided to go into business on April Fool’s Day of 1988. They laid out of a sheet of paper for their concept of a new type of office supply store. They wanted to create a large store that offered discounted business supplies along with professional service and friendly customer service agents. They also sought to price everything between 10 and 30 percent less than those found in smaller office supply shops. The main goal was to ditch the middlemen, and garner goods right from distributors. In achieving that goal, they wanted to replace mom and pop office supply stores.

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How many people were originally on the OfficeMax staff?

Though OfficeMax was built on big ideas, the OfficeMax staff started out relatively small. Just how small? Think about this as you search OfficeMax near me. According to brand history, OfficeMax started out with a paltry seven people, not including the founders. The requirements for these new employees was simple: be hard working, have an open mind, be enthusiastic, and have a big heart. Every employee also had to be willing to work for very little pay, in the promise of gaining part ownership in the company if they were to stick with the brand until the end. The seven crew staff accepted the deal and reportedly had a lot of fun along the way!

Officemax Near Me – Officemax Facts

Merging With Office Depot

When OfficeMax hit rough waters during the recession, there weren’t many options on the table to keep the brand afloat. Bankruptcy was in the cards, but it was decided that a merger would make the most sense. On February 20, 2013, it was announced that OfficeMax and it’s rival Office Depot would merge in an all stock deal, resulting in the largest US office supplies chain. Initially, a lawsuit was filed by a stockholder in an attempt to block the merger, which would have paid all OfficeMax shareholders a total of 2.69 shares of Office Depot in exchange for one single share in Office Max. Despite the law suit, Office Depot held a special meeting with shareholders and reviewed all documents related to the merger with OfficeMax. On November 5, 2013, the merger was finally completed. Now, every Officemax location is also an Office Depot, which means you’ll get the largest selection of office supplies and great prices on everything from toner and ink to paper and pens. When you search Officemax near me, don’t be surprised if you find the chain listed as Office Depot.

Free Store Pickup

Want online prices but don’t want to wait for your items to ship? OfficeMax currently offers free store pick up on all items that are purchased online. As you search OfficeMax near me, you might want to consider in store pick up if you will be near a store location and need your goods in a certain amount of time. As shipping can be unreliable, especially in high volume seasons such as the holidays, in store pick up is a great way to guarantee that you’ll get your items on time without the hassle. How do you choose in store pickup? On the website, add desired items to your cart. Make sure that the items qualify for in store pick up, you’ll know which ones are eligible and which are not. Go to your shopping cart and simply choose “in store pickup” under the shipping options. Select “change location” and pick the store that is nearest you at the current moment in time. Approximately 1 hour after placing your order, you will receive an email informing you that your item is ready for pick up. That’s right, in just one hour, you can have your desired items for the online price without having to wait days or even weeks for shipping or paying extra costs for overnight or two day shipping.

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