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Sometimes it can be quite difficult to find a job. Even when you lower your standards for a job, you can still scour and scour and still come up with nothing. So many people are in need of a job nowadays that it can be difficult to find employment even in something that may not be your actual field. It helps to have a broad array of skills to get you more jobs.

If you polish up your resume and keep searching for a job, you’ll eventually find one, Just remember to search Places hiring near me to find some job openings.

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Do people still work as long as they did in the past?

While you may think that people worked more in the past, the opposite is actually true. Americans nowadays are working longer than ever and almost all of their time during the week is taken over by work instead of by free time. Sometime around the turn of the 21st century, Americans on average were working about 47 hours a week. It seems to have been held steady for the past fourteen years but it’s apparent that the average American works too many hours. The good news is that technology has made that extra time seem like much less as it speeds up certain tasks.

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It can be difficult finding a job nowadays!

Do we still retire at the same age?

Just like how we’re working longer nowadays, we are actually also retiring at later ages. While most Americans expect to retire at age sixty-six, they will actually retire earlier at age sixty-two. But back in the early 1990s, most Americans were retiring at around age fifty-seven even though they also had the same similar higher-age expectations. Many Americans aren’t very well prepared for retirement though. Most imagine retirement as a time of leisure and great travel but many don’t think about what they’ll have to do or what they have to prepare for. About thirty-three percent of Americans aren’t doing much to prepare for retirement. Sixty percent of workers have less than $25,000 saved up for their retirement. It’s also becoming rare for companies to offer pension plans and retirement plans. If you’re ready to look for a job to start saving up for your retirement, just search Places hiring near me to find the nearest location hiring by you.

What is the top industry?

Back at the end of the 20th century, the top industries were quite different than they are now. The top industries back then were manufacturing and retail according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. By 2013 though, the top industry seems to be healthcare and as our recent population ages, the healthcare industry will just keep growing. Some of the industries that will see quite a significant decline are going to be manufacturing, postal workers and publishers of newspapers, books and periodicals.

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Because of technology and some other recent changes, the workforce has become quite urban. Because of this, agricultural jobs have been slowly declining since we’ve entered the 21st century. Because of technology, urban centers have grown dramatically and that’s where the rural workers are now headed. Along with this recent change, manufacturing job have seemed to decline while the service industry have increased. Even though manufacturing has declined, it still seems to account for nearly 30 percent of the United States’ gross domestic product.

With the turn of the 21st century and all the technology and information that comes along with it, there has been quite a rise for a need of data scientist. Data scientist are still relatively new especially since the term was coined by leading social media team members in 2008. Businesses are drowning in all the data they collect and they need a team of people who know how to read and interpret it correctly.

Gone are the days when a worker would dedicate forty years to one company before retiring. It seems as though the 21st century is the era of pursuing what you love to do. Workers seem to only stick with their jobs from two to five years on average before moving on to the next one.

Because of the easy credit and rough economy, workers of the 21st century are living on a financial edge. While one third of workers believe they are financially stable and can live up to one year without a job, they may be wrong about that fact. It seems that fifty percent of American workers think it’s unlikely that they’ll lose their jobs. Lower income and younger workers are actually more likely to lose their jobs and the older you are, the more financially stable you’ll be. It’s been shown that about sixty percent of workers under the age of thirty-five could only last a month of less before experiencing financial hardship. If you’re ready to find a job near you in order to be more financially stable, just search Places Hiring near me to find your closest location.

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