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Beer is as much a part of American culture as apple pie and ice cream. Not only is it a great way to relax and unwind after a long day, but beer has become a bit of a hobby for many individuals who have taken to homebrewing and becoming connoisseurs of craft beef. Whether you’re buying beer at a grocery store or looking for a cool new bar to claim as a new hangout, finding beer has never been easier.

Are you interested in finding beer near me? Simply browse beer near me on the map below and find a list of shops selling beer in your area. Need a bit more information on beer? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more. You might just learn something new to share on your next bar outing!

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Beer Near Me – Beer Trivia

What was the first modern American IPA?

IPAs are currently surging in popularity amongst millennials and self professed beer nuts. While it might seem like the IPA only really emerged in the past decade, history states otherwise. What exactly was the first modern American IPA? Consider this as you search beer near me. The very first modern IPA was a single hopped, dry hopped West Coast IPA known as Anchors Liberty Ale. First released in 1975, Anchor’s Liberty Ale immediately drew a massive fan base. Today, the brand still uses the same Cascade hops that it employed in the early batches of its now iconic IPA. The only that has changed about this beer since the 1970s is the label!

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Beer will always be one of America’s most popular drinks!

What year did beer cans officially debut?

Beer cans might be a more convenient and cost effective way to get a quantity of beer, but they weren’t always available to the general public. So when exactly did beer cans first emerge on the American market? Consider this as you search beer near me. The first beer can was the brainchild of The Gottfried Krueger Brewing Company in Newark, New Jersey. Like most regional breweries, the Krueger company suffered heavily during prohibition. To help make up for lost profits, the brewery teamed up with American Can, who offered to build a canning line and pay for the initial test batches. This convinced Krueger to submit their beer to the can test. The result was a success! By 1935, Kruger’s was proudly offering beer in aluminum cans!

Who invented brown beer bottles?

While cans became popular after Krueger’s ingenious idea, bottled beer was both popular and more historically recognized. If you’re a beer drinker who is searching beer near me, then you’ll probably also remember that beer once came housed in brown bottles. Which beer brand invented these brown bottles? Schlitz beer company from Milwaukee. This company found that the brown bottle would block out the harmful UV rays of the sun, allowing beer to maintain freshness until poured into a glass.

Beer Near Me – Beer Facts

Which state drinks the most beer?

Ever wondered which state in the US actually drinks the most beer per year? If you’re thinking the answer is New York or Nevada, you’re aligned with the logic of most Americans who view these states as high tourist areas with a great deal of bars and clubs. After all, there’s more beer consumed per year in Las Vegas alone than in most of the smaller US states and territories. Despite this, if the US were to hold a drinking competition, one state would reign supreme in terms of the amount of beer consumed annually. Which state drinks the most beer? Consider these this as you search beer near me. According to government statistics, North Dakota drinks more beer per person than any other state. Each resident of the state reportedly drank around 43.6 gallons of the stuff in 2013 alone. Which states would come in second and third place in this proverbial state drinking contest? New Hampshire and Montana would come in second and third place respectively. Who knew that it was the rural states having all the fun?

Need a Medical Beer Prescription?

Beer might seem like the cure for whatever ails you, but you’d be hard pressed to find a doctor who would prescribe you beer for any kind of medical woes. This wasn’t always the way it was in the US, especially during prohibition. During 1921, prohibitions rigid laws made it impossible for the average man (or woman) to get their hands on any kind of alcohol. Not only did this lead to a lot of unhappiness, but it made for some pretty creative thinking. As you search beer near me, think about how previous Americans tried to skirt the laws of prohibition through any means necessary. In order to get beer to some brew starved citizens, doctors made up the concept of “medical beer.” Brewers, physicians, and imbibers worked together to get around the rules by prescribing beer to citizens who visited for a prescription. The plan worked from March 1921 up until November 1921. This is when congress rained on the parade of everyone and banned beer and medical beer once again.

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