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Of all the appliances in your kitchen, the refrigerator is the workhorse that we all rely on to keep our food fresh. Just think of how many times you open the fridge per day. Odds are, it may even get more action than your oven. With that said, a fride is a necessity. When your refrigerator no longer functions as it should, you come to a junction where you must decide whether it’s time to replace or repair.

Replacing a refrigerator can cost thousands of dollars. In most cases, it is cheaper to repair and stick by old faithful. Ready to find a refrigerator repair person near you? Simply browse refrigerator repair near me on the map below and find a list of repair services near you. Need a bit more information on fridges and fridge repair? Keep reading for tips, tricks, and more.

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What is the average lifespan of a refrigerator?

Like any appliance you purchase- your refrigerator has a lifespan. Unfortunately, it may not last as long as you think. What is the average lifespan of a modern day refrigerator? Keep reading as you search refrigerator repair near me. According to experts, you can expect most refrigerators to last anywhere between 14 to 17 years if properly maintained. Of course, this also depends on the size of the fridge and the model.

Compact refrigerators or “mini-fridges” will generally only run for around 14 years on average. A standard refrigerator can run up to 17 years. The life expectancy on your fridge can go up or down based on how well it has been cared for and its overall construction. For example, if you bought a very cheap refrigerator that has received little in the way of maintenance, it may only last 10 years. A better quality fridge that has been properly cared for can last up to 19 years.

Refrigerator Repair Near Me

When your fridge starts to go, it’s time to call a qualified repair person.

True or false: You cannot prolong the life of your refrigerator.

Absolutely false. Here’s why: with a little proper care and maintenance, anyone can extend the life of their refrigerator. Especially if you’re willing to search refrigerator repair near me. So how can you prolong the life of your fridge? For starters, make sure the unit is not in direct sunlight and kept away from heat-producing appliances.

Some people love the convenience of having their fridge right near the stove, but that’s not good for the fridge or the stove. When having a professional place your fridge, make sure the coils are back and several inches away from the wall. Clean the coils regularly and remove any dust or debris. If you’re not willing to do this yourself, there are maintenance services that can be found while searching refrigerator repair near me.

Always clean door seals with soapy water regularly. This can prevent the gaskets from drying out and cracking, something that can mess with the seal and overall functionality of your fridge. If your fridge currently has a drip pan, make sure to remove it and clean it three times a year minimum. It is also imperative for you to empty and clean your entire fridge/freezer at least once a month. After a good cleaning, check the internal temperature. The ideal range is between 37 and 40 degrees fahrenheit.

Refrigerator Repair Near Me – Facts

When to Replace Your Fridge?

Refrigerators are expensive. Newer models can cost upwards of $4,000, especially if you’re seeking a smart fridge or something with additional controls. To most of us, this cost means putting off replacing our fridge until we absolutely have to. So how do you know when it’s time to replace and you’ve reached the end of an era? Well, experts agree that there are a few key signs that your fridge it is on its last leg. Read on as you search refrigerator repair near me.

-Excessive condensation. If you notice that your fridge looks like its sweating all the time, then the fridge is not cooling properly. Check and analyze the rubber sealing around the door to see if there are water droplets or signs of mildew or mold. If there is condensation inside the fridge, this also means the temperature setting isn’t working as it should.

-Your food is rapidly spoiling. If you notice that your food is rapidly spoiling, then your fridge is not working as it should and is about to totally call it quits. Start looking for a replacement.

-The motor is running hot. If you feel an excessive amount of heat when you put your hand to the back of the fridge, that’s a sign that your refrigerator is not quite working as it should be. In fact, it may even pose a potential hazard to your home.

-You can hear your fridge running. If your fridge sounds like its about to take off at the airport, it may be time to buy a new fridge.

When To Repair Your Fridge?

If you’re on a budget and trying to avoid replacing your fridge for as long as possible, you may want to consider searching refrigerator repair near me. Well, you’ll need to repair your fridge if its hissing, sweating, leaking, repeatedly cycling on and off, or running hot to the touch. In some cases, if your fridge is breaking down it can be repaired. More often than not, replacing may be just as cost effective. Deciding the right move depends on how old the fridge is and how much it will cost to repair.

As a general rule of thumb, experts recommend replacing a product if the cost of the repair is more than half of the price of buying a new one. You should also keep the age of your fridge in mind. If it is nearing the end of its life expectancy, then you probably shouldn’t waste your money with repairs, as you’ll just end up sinking more money into the thing a few months down the line. Instead, replace the fridge and give yourself some peace of mind.

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