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Formerly owned by Sears, National Tire and Battery is a tire shop that offers a huge selection of brand name tires at the guaranteed lowest price. Not only are all tires backed by a 30 day ride guarantee, but the brand also offers free tire rotations to all customers. With that kind of service, it’s no wonder National Tire and Battery has become the preferred tire destination of many vehicle owning Americans.

Are you interested in finding a National Tire and Battery near you? Simply browse NTB near me on the map below and find a list of NTB locations in a close proximity to you! Need a bit more information on NTB? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on this epic tire brand!

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When was NTB officially formed?

Though NTB may not have the history that many tire chains in the US can boast, that certainly hasn’t affected quality or customer satisfaction. Consider these facts as you search NTB near me. Sears officially created the brand in 1997 when they consolidated their chain Tire America with their secondary brand National Tire Warehouse. They added the “B” to the name to include it’s famous line of DieHard batteries. Though the chain enjoyed much success under the Sears name (shoppers enjoyed the convenience and cost), they decided to sell the brand in 2003 to the TBC corporation. According to a Sears spokesperson, the separate branding and lack of proximity to many Sears retail locations, meant stunted growth. Despite this the chain of 226 stores reportedly brought in a whopping $425 million in revenue and $60 million in profit in just 2002. The TBC corporation brand currently includes Tire Kingdom, Merchant’s Tire and Auto, and Big O Tire Stores. Though all the stores offer slightly different varieties of tires and batteries, they together operate more than 1,200 locations in 41 states, Washington DC, and Canada.

ntb near me

NTB stocks nearly every brand and size of tire available to US consumers.

What is the main raw material in manufacturing tires?

If you’re searching NTB near me, then you’re in need of some tires or perhaps a car battery. While you may know that the main raw material used in manufacturing tires is rubber (or synthetic rubber), there is more to the tire making process than what meets the eye. In order to develop the proper wear characteristics on a tire to meet standards of strength, resiliency, and wear resistance, the rubber on a tire needs to be treated with a variety of chemicals and then heated. Inventor Charles Goodyear first discovered the process of strengthening rubber, also known as vulcanization or curing by accident in 1839. At this time, Goodyear had been experimenting with a mixture of India rubber and sulfur. He then accidentally dropped the mixture onto a hot stove which resulted in a chemical reaction. Instead of the rubber sulfur mixture melting, it formed a hard lump. He continued his experiments until he discovered way to treat continuous sheets of rubber rather than just small batches. Goodyears experiments have ultimately lead to the strong and resilient tires we know and love today.

NTB Near Me – NTB Facts

A Good Tire

One thing you’ll find when searching NTB near me is that there are more to tires than what meets the eye. There are many features of a passenger car tire are the tread, the body, the sidewalls, and the beads. The tread is probably the most important element of a tire, as the raised pattern
is what makes contact with the road. Tread helps to give the tire traction by acting in two distinct ways. Tread helps to move and flex with the tire as it grips the road, tread voids also provide space for which water can escape when dealing with wet or snowy road conditions. The body of the tire itself is also of the utmost importance, as it supports the tread and gives the tire its specific shapes. The beads are little rubber covered, metal bundles that hold the tire onto the wheel. Together, these elements can drastically improve or change your driving experience. Tires with low or worn tread will make for a kind of chaotic ride, as their won’t be much grip on the roadways. Balding tires can also lead to issues with alignment and braking in the vehicle.

The Technology of Tires

When one thinks of tires, technology isn’t typically the first thing that comes to mind, but it very well should be. In the digital age, technology has a starring role in the life of a tire. Consider these facts as you search NTB near me. Computer systems are now totally integral in tire design, as complex analysis software allows for tire engineers to analyze and act on test data to simulate the performance of tread design and other parameters. The software works by creating an in depth three dimensional color image of possible tire designs. It then calculates the effects of different environmental and driving stresses on a possible tire design. Not only do computer simulations allow for engineers to predict a number of issues and help make tires safer, but they save tire manufacturers big bucks by alerting engineers of any design limitations prior to assembling and testing the tires. In addition to testing the tread design and tire body construction, computers can simulate the effects of different types of rubber compounds. Modern car tires, may contain as many as 20 different types of rubber in just one tire. One rubber compound may be best for good traction in cold weather while another might boost performance on tires in other types of weather and conditions.

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