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Are you a beauty enthusiast on the hunt for your next holy grail product? Perhaps you’re in need of some professional advice on that one product that could totally upend your morning routine. Whatever beauty product you’re searching for, Sally’s Beauty Supply has got you covered. For decades, Sally’s has proved a premiere destination for individuals seeking professional level beauty products at a budget price.

Are you interested in finding a Sally’s in your area? Simply browse Sally’s near me on the map below and find a list of Sally’s locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Sally’s Beauty? Read on for interesting facts and trivia. You might just learn something new!

Sally’s Near Me – Find it on the Map

Sally’s Near Me – Sally’s Trivia

True or false: Sally’s began as a single store in New Orleans.

True! While searching Sally’s near me, you may be wondering just how this beauty destination came to be. Was it a hit from the start or did the business boast humble begins? The answer is: both! While Sally’s eventually grew to be a big hit amongst investors and customers alike, the store began in New Orleans in modest digs. As a single operations store in 1964, Sally first opened its doors in attempt to give women a place to buy professional quality beauty products without the high cost or hassle of visiting a salon or parlor. By 1969, the store grew to include 11 locations and was purchased by Albert-Culver. The store was headed by Philadelphia pharmacist Mike Renzulli who acted as the brand manager and face of Sally’s.

sally's near me

Sally’s locations are truly a product junkie’s form of heaven.

How much money will the average woman spend on cosmetics in their lifetime?

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that women love cosmetics. Whether going for a natural look or daring to try the latest trend, cosmetics offer women the power of transformation. Any woman can look the way she wants or express herself in an artistic manner with a little bit of makeup. Did you know that the average woman will spend around $15,000 on cosmetics over the course of their lifetime? If this seems a bit high, consider that most women don’t just wear one product. In fact, many women will don a full face that features at least 5 products. Couple that with our very human need to experiment and you’ve got a billion dollar a year industry. No wonder you’re searching Sally’s near me!

True or false: There are Sally’s locations all over the world.

No matter where you are searching Sally’s near me, you’re in luck! This brand has grown quite a bit since its early days in New Orleans. Nowadays, Sally’s boasts locations in nearly every country in the world, including Chile, Belgium, France, Canada, Mexico, and Ireland (just to name a few). Given the the beauty industry accumulates over $170 billion in wealthy every year, it’s no wonder Sally’s has found reason to expand all over the globe. Not only does this mean more money for the band itself, it means more opportunities for beauty mavens to hit a Sally store without traveling too far out of the way.

Sally’s Near Me – Sally’s Facts

Product Heaven

For an y individual who loves cosmetics, hair care products, and and nail products a trip to the beauty store can feel like a trip to the toy store as a kid. It’s exhilarating, fun, and totally fulfilling. While there are many beauty supply stores that can boast a variety of products, few can carry the amount that Sally’s does. In fact, Sally’s Beauty Supply claims that every store location houses over 10,000 different cosmetic products. This means that you’ll find whatever it is your looking for no matter how obscure or strange the product itself may seem.You may just want to make a list of things you want while searching Sally’s near me !

A Recent Innovation

While ancient civilizations have always relied on makeup as a way to guarantee glamour and express themselves, makeup products themselves weren’t widely available to the public in the US until the 20th century. During this time, cosmetic products finally became accepted by the public. Brands soon popped up introducing large marketing campaigns,numerous inventions, and trends that were embraced by the public. In the modern world, makeup is readily available at numerous locations. From beauty supply stores such as Sally’s to the drugstore down the street, a person has many ways to score a makeup fix in the present day.

Virtual Makeovers

While searching Sally’s near me and preparing for your visit, try going online to Sally’s website and trying out a virtual makeover. Sally’s virtual makeover feature allows you to upload a front facing photo of yourself to a program that will then swap out different products on your face (including eye, face, and lip), to see which products are going to look the best on your particular skin tone. Not only does this feature take some of the guessing out of choosing new colors and trying out different products, but it can allow you to organize a list of products that can lead you to true beauty fulfillment! In some ways, technology has truly made beauty even more accessible.

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