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Since the 1700’s, theaters have proven an important facet of American culture. From stage plays and dramas to ballets and orchestral, theater’s have always allowed every American to escape their everyday life and relax for a few hours.

Even if you’re searching for a movie theater, you’ll find a bevy of options in states. From historical and architecturally impressive, to large and spacious, there’s a theater to meet every need. Are you interested in finding a theater near you? Simply browse theaters near me on the map below and find a list of theaters in your area. Want a bit more information on theaters? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top 3 historic American theaters.

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Theaters Near Me – Theaters Trivia

Which American president built a theater in the White House?

Here’s a bit of history for you to appreciate while searching theaters near me. The first president to ever build a theater in the White House was Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s. Roosevelt not only got permission to build a theater in the White House, he was granted permission to build a swimming pool as well. As commander in chief, you tend to get lay of the land! FDR certainly used his powers to his own advantage.

theaters near me

An inside look at the iconic David A. Koch theater in New York City.

Where was the first drive-in located in America?

While drive-in theaters may not be as prevalent today as they once were, history can’t ignore the once powerful impact they had on the American culture. In 1933, eager motorists were able to park their automobiles on the grounds of Park-In theaters in Camden, New Jersey. As the first ever movie theater of this type, the Park-In drive-in immediately found popularity with a movie loving public. For the first time, a family could gather and watch a film from the comfort of their family vehicle.

True or false: New York holds the greatest number of live theater seats.

If you’re in New York City searching theaters near me, you’re in luck! This bustling metropolis holds the greatest total number of live theater seats per capita, the number of theaters in the area, and the largest number of symphony concerts per year. New York is known for it’s theater culture. From big budget Broadway productions to small off Broadway affairs down the side streets of Hell’s Kitchen, there’s a theater boasting a little something for everyone. In New York, there’s never a shortage of live theater. And if it’s movie theaters you’re interested in, New York City boasts some of the largest multi-level theaters in the United States, including a few right in Times Square.

Where is the oldest continuously operating theater in the US?

The oldest continuously operating theater in the United States is the Old Log Theater in Minneapolis, Minnesota. The city also operates the largest dinner theater in the country, the Chanhassen Dinner Theater. While one might only think of the larger east and west coast cities when considering historic theaters, Minneapolis and the midwest also boasts quite an impressive collection of historic theaters

Theaters Near Me – Theaters Facts

Nickelodeon Theaters

If you’re searching theaters near me hoping to pay .5 cents to see a show or movie, you’re about 106 years too late. The first Nickelodeon theater opened in Pittsburgh opened 106 years ago, charging patrons just 5 cents. Now the average movie ticket is $9.50. While that’s quite a jump, one must keep in mind that theater quality, amenities, and movie quality is much higher than when theaters first opened.

The Existence of Drive-Ins

If you’re searching theaters near me in hopes of finding of a Drive-in theater you may still be in luck! According to recent statistics there are still 349 drive ins operating today. This is a major decline from the golden age of the drive-in when nearly 5,000 theaters were in operation. While drive in theaters may be on the decline, traditional movie theaters are on an upswing, with over 40,000 screens operating in the United States and selling 1.32 billion tickets.

Movie Trailers

Every modern movie airs between 7 and 8 trailers before the movie begins. This does not include the “silence your cell phone videos” or the “do not record ads.” Many movie theaters also air concession stand ads prior to beginning the feature film.

Top Three Theaters In The US

If searching theaters near me brings you to one of these classic theaters, consider yourself lucky. Read on for the three best historic theaters in the United States.

1. Pantages Theatre, Minneapolis, MN

Opened in 1916, as a vaudeville house, this theater boasts moderne arts style and still hosts comedians, musicians, and some theater productions every year. If you have the chance to step foot in this area, seize it at all costs.

2. Kodak Hall at Eastman Theater, Rochester, NY

This opulent theater was created by industrialist George Eastman in 1922 as a fundraising movie palace. The proceeds go to the music conservatory that bears his name.

3. Majestic Theater, San Antonio, TX

This amazing historic venue was built in 1929 and was for many years the largest and theater in the United States. It is still considered to be one of the most ornate and beautiful theaters in the entire country.

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