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Banking may seem simple enough, but finding the right bank can sometimes prove a touch daunting. Luckily, Suntrust bank exists to help make the process of banking as simple and painless as possible. With low fee checking and savings accounts, knowledgeable staff, and modern technological amenities, it’s no wonder Suntrust is one of America’s favorite banking branches.

Are you interested in finding a Suntrust Bank location near you? Simply browse Suntrust Bank near me on the map below and find a list of Suntrust locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on Suntrust Bank? Read on for facts, trivia, and history on Suntrust and banking!

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Suntrust Bank Near Me – Suntrust Bank Trivia

When was Suntrust Bank founded?

If you’re searching Suntrust Bank near me, you may be interested in discovering just when this bank was founded. Suntrust traces its roots all the way back to 1891 when the trust company of Georgia was founded by John. M. Green, Joel Hurt, T.J. Hightower, Leon Lieberman among many others. Later on, the bank was formed out of the Trust Company of Georgia, emerged a bank that was named The People’s National Bank in 1911. It became the first national bank in 1920, but the First National Bank and Trust Company sadly failed in 1930 during the great depression. This was a time when many banks failed and couldn’t thrive under economic conditions. The bank then reorganized itself as the First National Bank at Orlando in 1934. It then merged with other Orlando Banks to become Sun Banks in 1973. The Sun Banks went onto purchase the Hillsboro and the Florida State Bank of Tallahassee in 1980. The Sun Banks merged back with the Georgia Trust Company and Suntrust Bank was officially incorporated.

suntrust bank near me

A Suntrust Bank in Durham, North Carolina.

How highly is Suntrust Bank rated?

If you’re searching Suntrust Bank near me and considering opening an account, one thing you’ll want to know is just how highly Suntrust Bank is rated. According to the FDIC, Suntrust is currently rated 94 out of a possible 100. How are the ratings currently calculated? The Smart Rating is a weighted average that seeks to calculate a quantitative rating based on interest rates, account fees, and any financial information that is provided to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. These stores take into account several factors, including the bank’s interest rates, any account fees, the number of thriving branches, the ratio of equity to non-current loans, and annual growth in deposits. All together, these figures form an indication of the overall quality and satisfaction of a given bank. A score of 94 out of 100 proves that Suntrust is not only highly rated and fiscally responsible, they have a high rate of satisfaction amongst customers.

Suntrust Bank Near Me – Suntrust Bank Facts

Choosing the Right Checking Account

As you search Suntrust Bank near me, you’ll quickly realize that checking accounts are not one size fits all. Suntrust currently offers four checking accounts, but how can you know which account is perfect for you? Experts agree that there are three major aspects to consider when choosing a good checking account. The first: ATM fees. Even if your chosen bank has many ATM branches and machines, anytime you utilize an out of network ATM, many banks will charge fees as high as $3.00 (sometimes even more). Unfortunately, these fees can add up pretty fast and you could face high monthly charges. When choosing a checking account, ask about a reimbursement policy and find out if you’ll be repaid for any fees accrued at out of network banks. Today’s banks will often refund you up to a certain amount or the total amount. The second thing to consider when choosing an account is any account minimum fees. Many brick and mortar banks will charge you a monthly fee if your account balance falls beneath a certain amount. If you know you’d struggle to meet that threshold every month, consider an account that doesn’t require you to keep a certain monthly balance. The third thing to consider is overdraft fees. While many people don’t have to worry about overdraft fees any longer, many people would like the insurance of knowing that they won’t be brutally charged for fees should they overdraft their account. When finding the right checking account, ask a lot of questions and know your specific needs. It could just save you a few hard earned dollars!

Suntrust Locations

If you’re searching Suntrust Bank near me, you’ll want to know just how many locations are currently peppered throughout the US. According to recent statistics, Suntrust Bank currently operates 1,400 branches and 2,160 ATMS across 11 Southeastern States and Washington D.C. The bank’s primary businesses include deposits, lending, credit cards and investment services. The bank currently employees nearly 24,000 people.

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