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Want to expose your taste buds to one of the most interesting cuisines in the world? Try Vietnamese food! Traditionally speaking, Vietnamese cooking is appreciated for freshness of ingredients and the minimal use of oil. This makes the food both flavorful and healthy. Vietnamese restaurants rarely rely on processed of frozen foods to make their meals come to life.

Instead, they rely on a wide range of herbs, interesting vegetables, and broths to truly set their cuisine apart from the rest. Ready to find a great Vietnamese restaurant near you? Simply browse Vietnamese restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of the best Vietnamese restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on vietnamese cooking? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me – Trivia

How many distinct flavors can be found in Vietnamese cuisine?

Eating at a Vietnamese restaurant is a lot like traveling to the country itself. You garner a true taste of the culture and their overall approach to cooking. Food isn’t just something to quickly ingest or muddle through, it is a process featuring a few distinct flavors. Just how many flavors can be found in Vietnamese cuisine? Read on for the answer as you search Vietnamese restaurant near me. Vietnamese cooking is all about four distinct flavors. They are: fish sauce, rice vinegar, salt, and sugar. Hardly do families living in rural areas of the country side use things such as pepper, as it is not widely available in certain parts of the country.

Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me

Take your taste buds on a tour of Vietnam!

True or false: There is no preferred meat in Vietnam.

When you think of Vietnamese cooking, what comes to mind in terms of meat? Do you see seafood as a primary ingredient? Well, the great thing about Vietnamese cuisine is that it is extremely varied. In fact, there is no preferred meat in Vietnam. So what kind of meats can you expect to find after searching Vietnamese cooking near me? When sitting down to eat at a Vietnamese restaurant, expect to find beef, pork, chicken, fish and all the various kinds of seafood present on the menu. You will also find many vegetarian options or dishes that are prepared in a vegan manner.

What is the most well known Vietnamese dish worldwide?

Vietnamese restaurants can be found peppered in countries all over the globe, that what is the most well known Vietnamese dish on a global scale? Well, the answer may surprise you. Keep reading as you search Vietnamese restaurant near me for the answer. According to statistics, the most well known Vietnamese dish worldwide is Pho. Though most visitors to Vietnam have never tasted Pho beforehand, they almost always instantly fall in love. What exactly is Pho? Pho is a type of soup that is typically made from beef stock and spices. Noodles and thinly sliced beef, chicken, or pork are then added to the mix. It is similar to Japanese style ramen.

Vietnamese Restaurant Near Me – Facts

What is blood soup?

After searching Vietnamese restaurant near me and finding the perfect place to settle in for a meal, you might find one shocking thing on the menu- blood soup. To an outsider, blood soup sounds more like something a vampire would eat than an actual living breathing human soul, but it isn’t nearly as scary as the name implies.

What is blood soup? Though terrifying to visitors and novice eaters alike, blood soup is simply a soup made from the blood and internal organs of pigs, ducks, and goats. Of course, it is flavored and altered a bit, so the taste won’t be the metallic sensation with equate with a bit of blood in the mouth. Blood soup is highly delicious and very nutritious. Both men and women in Vietnam drink this soup regularly for good health!

Changing With The Seasons

While some people expect to sit down at their favorite restaurant to find the same thing on the menu time after time, Vietnamese cooking is a bit different. While you’ll always find some standard dishes, the Vietnamese tend to use different ingredients to make various dishes during different months of the year.

The cooking is very seasonally based, which means you won’t always see the same thing on the menu in the summer as you would in the winter months. During summer, expect to find lighter fare with lots of vegetables. Meals aren’t heavy or warming as they are in the cooler months. In the wither, hearty meats like beef and pork are implemented to heat up the soul from within and put a bit of meat on the bones. As you search Vietnamese restaurant near me, consider how this cuisine often changes with the seasons!

What will you find with most Vietnamese dishes?

Rice of course! Rice is the one key aspect of nearly every meal. It is served throughout the day in Vietnam, even early in the morning or with breakfast. Due to the rice paddies that are found naturally throughout the country, rice is abundant. Even those who came to America from Vietnam still implement rice in their cooking.

If you find a great restaurant, expect to find rice as an accompaniment with a majority of your meals. OF course, this rice will be far different then the boxed minute rice you have at home. It is cooked to perfection using the skills occurred over many generations and by those who truly know how to prepare a proper rice dish.

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