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For many Americans, Walmart is a one stop shop for every household need, including groceries. A trip to the Walmart Supercenter means that you can buy food, produce, deli, bakery, and household items such as clothing and decor all under one roof. That’s convenience at its finest.

Are you interested in finding a Walmart Supercenter in your area? Simply browse Walmart Supercenter near me on the map below and find a list of Walmart Supercenter located in your immediate area. Need a bit more information on Walmart Supercenter? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history.

Walmart Supercenter Near Me – Find it on the Map

Walmart Supercenter Near Me – Walmart Supercenter Trivia

How Did Walmart Get Its Name?

Before Walmart was the mega box store we all know and love today, it was Sam Walton’s Original Five and Dime. If you’re searching Walmart Supercenter near me and find yourself in Bentonville Arkansas, you can visit the Walmart Visitor Center and find out a little more about how this chain got its start. In 1950, Sam Walton purchased the store from Luther E. Harrison, a native Bentonville resident. He opened Walton’s 5 & 10, a small store that offered a variety of goods to local residents for a low cost. From the beginning, Walton focused on offering competitive prices with a focus on sales volume rather than selling items at a high price for a higher profit margin. This reliance on well priced goods helped Walton to establish a reputation for bargains early on.

walmart supercenter near me

A Walmart Supercenter located in Albany, NY.

How Much Money does Walmart make every minute?

Like millions of Americans, you’re searching Walmart Supercenter near me and visiting your local Walmart for a bevy of household goods. What does this add up to? According to some statistics, Walmart makes a whopping $40 million in profit everyday. That adds up to $466 in profit every second. The typical Walmart employee makes around $22,137 a year. If you add that up across all Walmart’s, that’s $2,200,000. If you adjust for lower pay in developing nations that don’t enforce the same wage and labor laws as the US, that’s an annual profit of around $40 billion dollars a year. Not too shabby for a store that began as a small time five and dime in the deep South. Much like McDonalds, nearly every American has access to a Walmart within 30 to 40 minutes of their home base.

What are Walmart Supercenters?

Since its inception, Walmart has branched out into several iterations, including Walmart Express, Walmart, and Walmart Supercenters. Though simply branded as “Walmart,” Supercenters are essentially hyper large markets with sizes that vary from 69,000 to 260,000 square feet. The average Walmart Supercenter is 187,000 square feet. Every Walmart Supercenter stocks general store merchandise and a full service supermarket that includes meat, poultry. Deli, frozen foods, dairy products, produce, and fresh seafood. Most Walmart Supercenters have also grown to include a garden center, pharmacy, Tire & Lube, Optical Center, photo processing, portrait studio, tax prep center, hair and nail salons, and banking. If you think that’s a lot of options, you’re correct. Few other box stores offer the one stop shop convenience of a Walmart supercenter. The first Supercenter store opened in Washington, Missouri in 1988. The brand borrowed from a similar concept known as Hypermart USA which had opened in Garland, Texas one year prior. Unfortunately, every Hypermart USA store closed or converted into a Supercenter. Odds are if you’re searching Walmart Supercenter near me, you’ll find one!

Walmart Supercenter Near Me – Walmart Supercenter Facts

The Walmart Logo

There are few things in retail that are more recognizable than the Walmart logo and Walmart color scheme. These things are now as much a part of American culture as the stores themselves. They say a logo is just about everything when starting a company. Strangely enough, when Walmart first launched, it did so without a logo of any kind. In fact, for the first two years of business, when the Walmart name appeared in any kind of print or advertisement, the font and style were chosen on the whim or mood of the printer being hired. There was no stock font or logo. Because of this, many early Walmart ads differ greatly in terms of style and design. In the modern age, brands are often known by their logos, font, and chosen color schemes. Think about Target without the Target, or McDonalds without those famous golden arches. Now Walmart is synonymous with its logo along with its blue and yellow color scheme. The interior of every Walmart bears the color scheme, along with helpful Rollback Smiley faces that have essentially become the brands unofficial mascot. Odds are when you’re driving to a Walmart Supercenter near me, you’ll notice the logo before the store itself.

Blocking Walmart

While most Americans appreciate the convenience and employment opportunities that can accompany a new Walmart location, not every state or town wants a Walmart. When the company sought to open a location in Vermont, the people revolted. Though the brand was granted approval to build a store in 1993, the project was blocked with heavy support by the Vermont Natural Resources Cancel. It took 20 years for Walmart to finally open a location in Vermont, much to the chagrin of local residents. Today, there are still only five Walmart locations in all of Vermont. New York City has also blocked the arrival of Walmart within its city limits, though Target has found success in the metropolitan area. Will Walmart eventually be in every town and area? That is yet to be seen, but odds are if you’re searching Walmart Supercenter near me, you’ll find a location that’s not too far from your home base.

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