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In many cases, finding an ATM for your bank branch is easier said than done. In order to avoid costly fees and surcharges, you often have to visit an ATM that is operating within your banking network. Good thing Wells Fargo has no shortage of ATMs throughout the United States to help you with all of your banking needs.

Are you interested in finding a Wells Fargo ATM near you? Simply browse Wells Fargo ATM near me on the map below and find a list of Wells Fargo ATMS near your current location. Need a bit more information on Wells Fargo? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history!

Wells Fargo ATM Near Me – Find it on the Map

Wells Fargo ATM Near Me – Wells Fargo ATM Trivia

What year was Wells Fargo Founded?

Like so many of the financial institutions currently operating in the United States, Wells Fargo began during the Gold rush. The brand was officially established on March 18, 1842 as a joint stock company with a capitalization of $300,000, which was used to supply express and banking services to California. Renowned financier Edwin B. Morgan of New York was appointed to be the very first Wells Fargo president. With everything in order, business officially commenced on May 20, 1842, the day their official announcement appeared in the New York Times. The major challenge of the company was to establish the company in two highly competitive fields, both of which experienced conditions of rapid growth and unpredictable change. At this time, California did not regulate banking nor the express industry, which meant both fields were wide open for the taking. Anyone with a wagon and a simple team of horses could easily open an express company like Wells Fargo, all it took to open a bank was a safe and a room to place that safe in. This lead to stiff competition for everyone in the express banking industry at this time. Because it entered the field fairly late, Wells Fargo was up against established competition. As you search Wells Fargo ATM near me, consider just how historically relevant this brand has been for more than 100 years.

wells fargo atm near me

A classic style of a Wells Fargo ATM.

True or false: Wells Fargo has a retail store or an ATM within two miles of nearly one half of the entire US population.

It may seem like a far fetch to glean that Wells Fargo can boast an ATM within two miles of more than half of the US population, but this fact is completely true. Wells Fargo has prided itself on offering a bevy of accessible locations for both customers and non-customers to do their banking. Currently Wells Fargo boasts more than 70 million US customers and serves more than one third of households in the 50 states. Wells Fargo is also the largest residential mortgage originator and servicer, funding nearly one in four domestic mortgages every quarter. According to some experts, Wells Fargo has been known to originate around $114 billion over three months in terms of mortgage financing. This is more than double the runner up, JPMorgan Chase which underwrote just $52.7 billion. Will you find a Wells Fargo near you while searching Wells Fargo ATM near me? Odds are, yes!

Wells Fargo ATM Near Me – Wells Fargo ATM Facts

Avoiding ATM Fees

One thing that every customer searching Wells Fargo ATM near me must know is how to avoid the dreaded fees that can often accompany certain ATM services. If you absolutely need cash, you need to find an in network ATM. Most banks and credit unions will offer a free ATM network, whether it’s their own brand or a shared network such as Allpoint. MoneyPass is also a fee free ATM service enjoyed by customers in many networks. You can generally find an ATM in network by searching Wells Fargo ATM near me or using an ATM locater on your bank’s mobile app. The second way to avoid fees when taking out cash is to get cash back when you’re making a purchase at your local grocery store or convenience store. Since cash back is a free fee option, it can help you to avoid the dread of having to find an in network ATM. The third tip is choose a bank or credit union that reimburses for ATM fees. Sometimes it’s unavoidable and you have no choice but to visit an out of network ATM. This can often mean fees of more than $3.00 depending on your location. Check with your bank and find out if they will reimburse you for out of network ATM fees. Many banks have taken to reimbursing up to a certain amount in order to keep customers happy.

Fast Facts on the ATM

ATM machines are pretty commonplace today, but these cash dispensing machines weren’t around prior to 1939. The first cash dispensing machine was initially invented by Luther George Simjian of New York. The mechanical dispenser was installed a trial basis at the City Bank of New York. Oddly enough it was removed after just six months due to lack of customer acceptance. It wasn’t until 1967 that customers began to embrace the new electronic ATM machines. Nowadays, the United States boasts 420,000 ATMS. That’s more than any other country in the world. Unfortunately that may not last very long as Americans are beginning to use ATMs with a decreasing frequency. From 2010 to 2015 the number of ATM transactions in the US has dropped more than 15%.

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