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In the United States, the Bureau of Motor Vehicles is a state level government agency that typically administers vehicle registration and driver licensing to those who are eligible. Though known as the BMV in some states, many states call the BMV the DMV, standing for Department of Motor Vehicles.

Are you interested in finding a BMV location near me? You’ve come to the right place! Simply browse BMV near me on the map below and find a list of convenient BMV locations near you. Need a bit more information on the BMV. Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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When was the BMV first formed?

As you search BMV near me, consider when this government agency was eventually formed. When motor vehicles were first introduced at the end of the 19th century, a need for establishing a single set of rules and regulations for drivers became necessary in order to maintain order. Not only was there a need for steadfast rules known by all, but regulations on movement and interaction between cars and other forms of traffic emerged in order to insure the safety of those on foot and those utilizing bicycles. Motor vehicle at this time were considered largely unpredictable and dangerous, especially to pedestrians. At the beginning, there were many restrictions as to when a car could be used and how a car could be used. For example, a rule was formed that made it necessary to pull over to the side of the road when horse carriages approached vehicles. There was also a rule to only use them in daylight. Motor vehicles quickly grew in numbers and with this came the necessity for laws that required owners to have license plates and a driver’s license. To streamline the process of obtaining theses things and registering vehicles, an agency was formed as early as 1900 to keep up with demand.

bmv near me

The BMV can mean long wait times, but it doesn’t have to be a painful experience!

What activities is the BMV responsible for?

Over time, the BMV has had no choice but to widen its range of activities and responsibilities. With a growing number of drivers and diverse vehicles the BMV also grew. Consider this as you search BMV near me. Some of the responsibilities held by the BMV today are regulating traffic safety, performing driver training, license testing, licensing and photos, driver registration, motorcycle licensing, boat licensing and CDL licensure. With the emergence of many new technologies, the BMV has also had to lean into technology. They have recently started offering online services such as handling traffic citations, business transactions, driver record points, license status checks, and so on. Most of the major changes that have taken place at the BMV happened in the 1950s and 1960s. This is when smog control devices such as mandatory first time registrations were formed. In the early 1970s, the DMV also began issuing personalized licensing plates which are now known as vanity plates. This allowed for vehicle owners to have a big of fun and put their own names or hobbies.

BMV Near Me – BMV Facts

Organ Donation

One thing you may want to consider as you search BMV near me is the act of becoming an organ donor when visiting your local bureau of motor vehicles location. There is currently a massive shortage of organ donors in the United States, with those on the organ donor transplant list often waiting for several months and even years to receive an organ. This means that an abysmal number of patients on the waiting list can tragically pass away each year. By registering as an organ donor at your local BMV and spreading the word of organ donation to your friend and family, you can help someone in dire need to continue living a healthy and happy life. One donor can quickly make a major difference in the lives of many people. By simply registering to become an organ donor, you could one day help someone who is in desperate need of a transplant. According to statistics, someone is added to an organ donation waiting list every 10 minutes. Out of everyone waiting for an organ, 22 people die everyday simply waiting for one to become available. More than 118,000 people are currently waiting for an organ in the United States. While organ donation is not for everyone and there are certainly religious constraints that some faiths must consider, it may be a good option for you.

BMV Operating Hours

One thing you may want to look in while you search BMV near me, is the operating hours of your local BMV location. Many BMV locations only offer certain services on specific days, with many only operating around 4 or 5 days a week rather than 6. For example, photo services are typically only offered certain days. If you’re looking to renew your license, you may want to check the hours on your local BMV’s website. You can also give them a call. Additionally, drivers tests are typically only offered one or two days a week. You cannot just show up at the BMV without an appointment to take a driving test. This will typically have to be scheduled a few days or weeks in advance. Call your local BMV and find out the regulations for scheduling a driving test near you. In addition to scheduling in advance, there are several items you will need to bring with before obtaining a photo license or taking a driving test. Your car will need to be insured, registered, and fully legal prior to you taking your driving test. If you keep in mind the things you need prior to your BMV visit, you can greatly streamline what can otherwise be a time consuming process.

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