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While bagels may seem an American offering, these bread products originated in the Jewish communities of Poland. Bagels are traditionally shaped by hand to form a delicious ring of wheat dough, which is boiled for a short time in water prior to being baked to a golden brown. With dozens of flavors and textures, there’s a bagel that will delight every taste palate and eater.

Are you interested in finding bagels near me? Simply browse bagels near me on the map below and find a list of bagels in your area. Need a bit more information on bagels? Read on for facts, trivia, and list of the top three bagel shops in the US!

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Bagels Near Me – Bagels Trivia

Which City is New York’s bagel rival?

While searching bagels near me, you’ve probably thought about New York and it’s self proclaimed bagel perfection. While New York and bagels do go together like milk and cookies, they’re not the only city that is a proven bagel hot bed. New York’s biggest bagel rival? The Canadian city of Montreal. While New York bagels are big with small holes, Canada’s bagels are much smaller and denser. New York boasts chewy bagels due to being boiled before baked. While Montreal boils their bagels, they pack in extra eggs and swap out salt for honey in the boiling water and typically in the dough itself. This leads to bagels that are sweet rather than savory. Additionally, Montreal bakes all of their bagels in wood fired ovens. This leads to a bagel that is distinctly crunch on the outside with a hint of char.

bagels near me

Bagel offerings from the Cake Cafe and Bakery in New Orleans, LA.

When did the bagel make its historical debut?

If you’ve grown up in the United States, then bagels have likely been a pretty common part of you life. This is likely because the bagel has a long and storied history. Records show that bagels were first mentioned in 1610 in the Community Regulations of Krakow Poland. IN this text, it is indicated that any woman who has recently given birth should be presented with a bagel. While a bagel might seem like an awkward push present now, in 1610, the bagel was a truly suitable gift.

True or false: If it’s not round then it’s not a bagel.

Sure, while searching bagels near me you may come across more than a few places that boast strangely shaped bagels. Bagel purists and enthusiasts will argue that any bagel that isn’t round is simply not an actual bagel. The word bagel is derived from the old German word “bougel” which translates to “bracelet.” Much like a bracelet is round, a bagel must also be round. While bagel shops can get creative when it comes to flavors and fillings, the shape is simply what makes a bagel a bagel. In fact, the saying goes “round with a hole” or it’s not a real bagel.

Bagels Near Me – Bagels Facts

Quick Baking Time

Since Polish and Russian immigrants brought bagels to the new world, bagels have been most closely associated with their immigrant roots. In fact, the bagel was a staple in jewish households on Saturday night after the Sabbath due to is quick cooking time. With minimal baking time standing between those observing the religion and hot fresh bagels, choosing a post sabbath meal wasn’t only easy, it was very quick.

The Secret Recipe

While searching bagels near me, you might run across a recipe or two in visiting different websites. Note that finding a bagel recipe was at one point in time utterly impossible. In order to protect immigrant workers when New York’s bagel demand was first growing, the international beigel baker’s union was created in the early 1900s. The union was composed of 300 bagel makers who had banded together to keep the recipe and tradition to themselves. The only individuals outside of the union who were allowed access to the recipe and offered a coveted spot were sons of current union members. The recipe was so protected that the union even conducted nearly all of its meetings in Yiddish.

The Advent of Frozen Bagels

If you’re searching bagels near me, then you are likely craving a hot and fresh bagel. While nothing can even hold a candle to the taste or texture of a fresh bagel, sometimes store bought frozen bagel are the only suitable option. This convenience was created in the 1960’s by Harry and Murray Lender who pioneered mass production and the storage of frozen doughs.

Top Three Bagel Shops in the US

Cross your fingers and hope that you come across one of these top bagel shops in the US while searching bagels near me. Your taste buds will surely thank you.

1. Tal Bagels, New York, New York

With a firm and crunchy outside, soft middle, and flavors that range from traditional to out of this world, Tal’s is truly the best of the best when it comes to bagels.

2. Kaufmann’s Bakery, Stokkie, Ill

While one is typically hard pressed to find an amazing bagel outside of New York, this bakery truly boasts some of the best of the best.

3. BB’s Bagels Alpharetta, GA

This bagel shop is said to boast the best bagels in the Southeast. All of the bagels at this shop are hand rolled and kettle boiled, leading to a delicious and old school taste.

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