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Automobiles and other vehicles are complex pieces of machinery. Cars today are standardized to some extent, and most contain very similar parts. These range from the very basic parts like tires or a steering wheel, to more technical parts like spark plugs or o-rings.

Cars have many different systems and many different parts that form those systems. These include essential systems like ignition and brakes, to the car entertainment systems. There are many auto parts stores that sell spare parts, such as spare headlamps, and also accessories like motor oil. You can find your closest auto parts stores, just search for “Auto parts near me”.

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Where did the word car come from?

The word ‘car’ comes from either the Latin word for ‘wheeled vehicle’, or the Middle English word for ‘cart’. The word automobile comes from the Greek ‘auto’, meaning ‘self’, and the Latin ‘mobilis’, meaning ‘moveable’. The word automobile was originally used in Britain, but fell out of use in favor of the word ‘motor car’. Today ‘automobile’ is mainly used in North America. The term ‘auto’ was also used for a time, but now has fallen out of use, except in combinations with other words, such as ‘auto mechanic’.

auto parts near me

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What was the first car?

The first self-propelled vehicle was a steam-powered design, of which a small scale model was created. It was built by Ferdinand Verbiest, a Flemish missionary of a Jesuit mission in China, around 1672. He created a two foot long scale model for the Chinese emperor. The model was unable to carry a person. Nicolas-Joseph Cugnot is credited with creating the first full-size self-propelled mechanical car. He did so in about 1769, by creating a steam-powered tricycle. The first internal combustion engine was created by brothers Nicéphore and Claude Niépce, in 1807. This engine was fuelled by powder from a plant, along with coal dust and resin. Karl Benz is usually considered to be the inventor of the modern car. His first car, the Motorwagen, was created in 1885 in Mannheim, Germany. He later named an engine Daimler-Mercedes, after his daughter Mercedes, and named a car the Mercedes Benz. The company known as Mercedes-Benz is one of the most famous makes of car in the world.

What are the different types of engines in use today?

Most engines are either a V type (as in V6 and V8), or an I or L style engine. The letters refer to the shape and arrangement of the engine cylinders. Other arrangements include a T and a W shape of cylinders. Engines are either internal or external combustion, referring to whether the fuel is ignited inside the engine, or in a separate chamber. Engines can be classified based on the fuel used, such as diesel or gasoline; and by the number of cylinders (the 6 in V6).

How many parts does a car have?

The exact combination of parts can vary considerably from model to model, even ignoring engine parts. Things like pins and screws can add to the parts count drastically. Some estimates put the total number of separate parts in a car at over thirty thousand! Some parts may be standard across every car the company makes, while others will be standard across a particular model or year.

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Auto parts Near Me – Auto parts Facts

Toyota is currently the largest car maker in the world in terms of sales. They made over ten million sales in 2014! The Toyota Corolla is the best-selling car of all time, with over forty million of them sold. They first appeared in 1966, and by 1974 they were already the best selling vehicle! They are so widespread that Toyota couldn’t actually keep track of which individual car the forty millionth was.

In Switzerland, speeding fine costs are based on both the speed of the car and the income of the driver. A Swiss diplomat was driving his Ferrari at 85 miles per hour, and was fined over $290 thousand!

The average driver will spend a total of two weeks of their life stopped at red lights! Drivers in the US will spend an average of about 42 hours per year stuck in traffic jams. Australian drivers spend 94 hours in traffic congestion!

One very common auto part, the windshield wiper, was invented by a woman, Mary Anderson. They were created in 1903, but didn’t become standard until the 1920s. Today there are even luxury wipers that are heated!

Car engines are rated in terms of their total power. The preferred unit of power is the ‘watt’, but the older term ‘horsepower’ is often still used today. There are actually various definitions for the horsepower, not all of them related to how much work an average horse can do. The unit was originally created by James Watt, to compare the output of the new steam engines he helped create to the horses that they would replace.

75% of all cars that British car maker Rolls-Royce has ever produced are still on the road today!

Several well known car makers, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi and Ducati are actually subsidiaries of Volkswagen!

The first modern car accident occurred in Ohio City, Ohio, in 1891. Engineer James Lambert was driving a gasoline powered vehicle along with a passenger, when the vehicle struck a tree root, and Lambert lost control of the car and crashed into a post. The first person to be killed by a car was Bridget Driscoll, of the United Kingdom. She was struck by a car being demonstrated, travelling at 4 miles per hour. She died of head injuries a few minutes after.

The odometer is an important part of modern vehicles, measuring the total distance travelled by the car. The longest recorded distance travelled by a single car was made by Irvin Gordon of Alaska, USA. By May 2014, his car had travelled over three million miles! He bought the car in 1966 for $4150, equivalent to a year’s salary.

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