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The game of bowling has a long and rich history, which has allowed it to remain one of the most popular sports in the world for decades. Fun and cost effective, bowling can be enjoyed by folks of all ages and all income levels. Though it takes some skill to truly excel, even novice bowlers can have a great time.

Are you interested in finding a bowling alley near you? Simply browse bowling alleys near me on the map below and find a list of bowling alleys in your area. Need a bit more information on this sport? Read on for facts, trivia, and more on bowling!

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When was bowling first invented?

Bowling is so entwined in American culture that it can be easy to assume that this game is not only fairly modern, but mostly America. That’s simply not true. According to some historians, bowling may date all the way back to 3200 BC. A British anthropologist by the name of Sir Flinders Petrie, discovered a collection of objects within the confines of a child’s grave in Egypt, to him and others they appeared to be used for a crude form of bowling. Other historians argue that bowling didn’t officially begin until about 300 AD. This is when substantial evidence was found that bowling was in vogue in England in 1366. King Edward III reportedly outlawed bowling to keep his troops focused on archery practice rather than bowling. It is also assumed that bowling was highly popular during the reign of King Henry VII. Around this time, dozens of variations of “pin” games were also discovered, which implies that these games and bowling had developed over time from an earlier form. Consider these facts as you search bowling alleys near me.

bowling alleys near me

A bowling alley is a sure fire way to have a lot of fun!

What was the earliest mention of bowling in America?

Though bowling has roots all the way back to the 1300s, the earliest mention of bowling in American literature came from Washington Irving, when he wrote that Rip Van Winkle awoke to the sound of “crashing ninepins.” The first permanent bowling location was for lawn bowling, rather than in the traditional alleys we know in love today. The first dedicated lawn bowling spot was located in New York’s Battery Park. This is now the heart of the financial district, which New Yorkers still refer to as Bowling Green. The game’s popularity had ups and downs in America. Back in 1841, the state of Connecticut actually made it illegal for anyone to maintain or own “any ninepin lanes,” as bowling was thought to lead to gambling and other vices. Bowling proved too popular to stop, which is evidenced by its massive popularity. Nowadays, even the rich and famous can’t help but install bowling alleys in their mansions. Think about the history of this rich sport as you search bowling alleys near me.

Bowling Alleys Near Me – Bowling Alleys Facts

Bowling Technology

Like so many early sports, bowling has changed drastically over time, especially the technology used within the sport. Bowling balls used to be made primarily of lignum vitae, a very hard word. In 1905, the first rubber ball, known as the “Evertrue” was officially introduced. In 1914, the Brunswick Corporation successfully created and promoted the first Mineralite ball, which it touted as having a mysterious rubber compound. Once bowling was an officially recognized sport, there came agreed upon standards and the game grew in popularity. In 1951, a technological breakthrough allowed bowling to experience massive growth. The American Machine Foundry Company purchased the patents for an automatic pinspotter. By 1952, production model pinspotters were introduced to the masses. No longer did a proprietor have to rely on pinboys or employees to reset the pins in between each roll. Picture having someone reset your pins manually every time as you search bowling alleys near me, it’s a little hard to imagine!

No Girls Allowed

Early bowling leagues and bowling clubs did not allow women to participate. In fact, the American bowling congress was largely considered a gentleman’s club. It wasn’t until 1917 that women were given their own governing body, the Woman’s National Bowling Association. Since then women have embraced bowling, with many excelling far past their male superiors. Kelly Kulick was the first woman to ever win a Professional Bowlers Association tour in 2010. Most recently, nine year old bowling prodigy Hannah Diem officially became the youngest person in the United States to bowl a completely perfect game. Today, the sport of bowling is enjoyed by 95 million people both men and women. More than 90 countries worldwide participate in the sport and bowling’s top athletes are regularly tasked with competing in Olympic Zone and worldwide bowling competitions. It’s safe to say that this sport isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Bowling will forever be a beloved hobby and sport for many. Now if you’re searching bowling alleys near me, you can rest assured that all individuals are welcome.

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