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Whether you’re looking to meet up with some friends or just kick back with a frosty brew, your local bar can be a great way to socialize and relax. As a pivotal part of American history, the bar is as common in any neighborhood or town as the local grocery store. These watering holes have proved a fantastic place for men and women to meet up, dine, and engage in friendly games such as pool or cards.

Are you interested in finding a bar in your area? Simply browse bar near me on the map below and find a list of bars near your location. Need a bit more information on bars? Read on for facts, trivia, and the top three bars in the United States!

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What makes bars such a big part of American culture?

If you’re searching bar near me, then you likely understand the appeal of heading out for a night at the bar. What you might not know is that bars have played a major role in American history since the beginning. According to historians, the early tavern proved a public arena in colonial America. Without them, the political landscape would have changed drastically. Many consider these early taverns to be comparable to coffeehouses in London or Salons in Paris. The major difference being that those were bourgeois upper class meeting places where lower class individuals were often excluded. In a tavern environment, people could mix together without judgement. On any given night you could find men drinking happily alongside one another, no matter what occupation they held. Early laws fixed the price that tavern keepers were able to charge for drinks, thus making it impossible for taverns to cater to only wealthy clientele. The addition of alcohol made it easy for individuals to relate to one another which accelerated relationships and caused great political understanding.

bar near me

Bars come in a variety of styles ranging from high end to low end.

How have bars evolved over time?

Since colonial times up until the mid-19th century, the only bars were taverns which provided both food and lodging. They included a tapster in a cage-as opposed to at a long bar- which meant it was open to all members of the community including women and children (this is unheard of today). After the mid-19th century, saloons came into fashion. Saloons weren’t always tasked with serving food and often mixed a good deal of spirits at a long bar. Women were rarely allowed in saloons (aside from a few particular types). On the high end, hotel bars came into fashion to cater to business men. During prohibition speakeasies ruled as individuals needed a place to go. After that, people went right back to the tavern, though it looked much more like a saloon than the taverns of days gone by. Now, we have all of those types of bars and many more.

Bar Near Me – Bar Facts

A Glassless Bar?

You’ll never have to worry about encountering this while searching bar near me. In the past, some bars on the Bowery in New York City did away with glassware. In lieu of common glassware, an individual could pay three cents to drink all that they could through a tube until they had to take a breath. Once they took a breath, they were cut off until they paid again. Because of this, many people took to practicing holding their breath. These bars also provided a lot of dodgy entertainment including some Freak Show fare like animals preserved in formaldehyde or watching terrier dogs kill rats. We’re kind of glad the modern bar decided to ditch the rat killing in favor of music instead!

The Most Popular Shot in the World

If you’re searching bar near me and wondering what the most popular shot in the world is, wonder no more. According to statistics the most popular shot in the world is vodka, this is largely propped up by the Russians and is by and far the number one drink consumed in the world. Whiskey shots come in at a close second.

The Top Three Bars in the US

Some bars are simply better than others. These three bars are about as far from a dive bar as one can get. If you encounter one of these three digs while searching bar near me, gather your friends and plan a trip as soon as possible.

1. Dram and Grain, Washington, DC

This speakeasy style bar has three seating rotations per night, which might make it a bit difficult to find a place. With that said, once you’re in, you’ll be treated to house made cocktails such as Braeburn apple soda.

2. Milk Room, Chicago, IL

This is a reservations only micro bar that only seats eight people at a time. While this might make your head spin with worry, remember, that the limited space ensures that the bar can give each guest a highly personalized and one of a kind of experience. With a heavy focus on rare liquors, you’ll never forget a trip to Milk Room.

3. Seamstress, New York City

New York City is crawling with bars, but few hold a candle to Seamstress. Owner Pamela Wznitzer holds an extensive knowledge of classic drinks and cocktails, which only aide in the overall experience. This bar feels like an elegant but highly unstuffy hunting style lodge. The menu currently contains more than 50 classic drinks in addition to house drinks.

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