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Lakes are a beautiful product of nature. They’ve inspired poetry and art, and even provide historical and cultural importance to so many countries around the world. With salt water and fresh water available, there are many different varieties of sport fishing that can be done, water skiing, swimming, or sometimes they just provide something relaxing to look at.

Lakes occur all over the world, and with 101 great lakes in the US, plus hundreds or even thousands of smaller lakes, you can bet there’s one for you! Try looking up “Lakes near me!”

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Lakes Near Me – Lakes Trivia

What is the study of lakes called?

Limnology is the study of lakes and other bodies of water related to lakes. Don’t run out and get a degree in this yet, as this is a complex science that involves other sciences as well. If you like Biology, Physics, and Environmental science, then you’ll like the studying of the plant life, climate effects, and movement and forces that act upon lakes.

lakes near me

People swimming in Lake George in New York.

Did you know?

If you took all of the water out of Lake Superior, you could flood both South and North America? Looking for a lake to relax by? Try typing in “lakes near me” and see what comes up on the map!

Who’s Bessie?

Similar to the Loch Ness monster, another creature was discovered in Lake Erie, PA, first in 1793 and then many sightings occurred later. Some say it looks like a large sea serpent, others say it’s similar to a large sturgeon. Whatever you think it is, you can’t deny it’s become a part of Pennsylvania lake culture that is highly talked about.

Lake Huron is loaded with history. From prehistoric structures in the bottom of it built thousands of years ago, to sulfur craters the pre-date ancient Earth, Lake Huron is an incredible body of water. It is also the fifth largest lake in the whole world.

Did you know?

Think pirates only want gold? Wrong! Lake Michigan had a severe pirate problem because the timber products the had were highly in demand. Lake Michigan is the third largest great lake.

Apparently Babe Ruth knocked a homer right out of Hanlan’s point stadium in Toronto. Don’t bother looking for this piece of history though, it’s hiding somewhere in Lake Ontario, the 14th largest lake in the world.

Lake Baikal is not widely known, but is very significant. Located in Siberia, this lake is one of the largest sources of freshwater on Earth and is perhaps one of the oldest. This lake is over 25 million years old and has over 2,000 species of animals indigenous to it’s area. This lake is called the Pearl of Siberia and is beloved by the very traditional Turkic peoples of the Sakha Republic.

Lakes Near Me – Lakes Facts

Lakes aren’t exclusive to Earth. On the moon known as Titan, there are two lakes, Kraken mare and Ligeia Mare, which are said to be made of liquid Methane. There are also Sulphur lakes on Jupiter once formed from volcanoes.

There are four zones inside of a lake. Littoral, which is the most superficial zone, then the Limnetic zone that provides oxygen and food sources for vegetation and organisms in the lake, the Profoundal zone where light starts to fade out of view, and lastly the Benthic zone is the bottom and darkest zone.

Lake Enriquillo in Dominican Republic is definitely one of a kind. Most Crocodiles are freshwater inhabitants, but not the crocs here. The lake is saltwater! Want to find a fun place to swim that won’t be over populated like beaches? Try looking for “Lakes near me!”

Think the ocean is salty? The 34% salinity level in the dead sea makes the Ocean seem like tap water! This lake has greatly provided resources for a lot of health salves and cosmetics and has been attractive to tourists looking for a spa like quality provided by the salt and mineral filled lake. The Dead Sea is called dead because it’s saltiness prevents the growth and living of many organisms and plant life.

Both the Largest lake in Spain and the largest salt lake in Europe, Mar Menor is a lovely spot. Unfortunately, the population and authorities were reportedly warned about the severe pollution that is taking place there, and after a decade of neglect, the lake is very much falling into ruin. Keeping trash away from lakes is one of the most important things that can be done to preserve a lake and it’s inhabitants. Looking for a vacation spot or place to take some nice pictures? Check out “Lakes near me!”

Lake Neuchatel is shared with many cantons in Switzerland, but the main inhabitants that enjoy it, are the people of the small city of the same name. The language predominately spoken here is French, but don’t be mistaken by it’s size. This city screams industry, with many tech companies being based here more than any other Swiss area.

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