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Since 1953, Denny’s restaurants have been serving up delicious diner style dishes to hungry diners in the United States. With comforting choices, low prices, and a bevy of sweet treats; Denny’s has remained a favorite amongst adults, families, and children.

Are you interested in finding a Denny’s restaurant near you? Simply browse Denny’s near me on the map below and find a Denny’s in your area! Do you need a bit more information on Denny’s? Read on for facts and trivia on this iconic American restaurant chain.

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Denny’s Near Me – Denny’s Trivia

What was Denny’s originally named?

When Denny’s was first founded in 1953 by Richard Jezak and Harold Butler in Lakewood California, it bore the name Danny’s Doughnuts. In order to avoid confusion with nearby shop Doughnut Dan’s, Butler and Jezak changed the name of their coffee and doughnut shop to Denny’s. The name has been a part of this iconic establishment since 1961. While searching Denny’s near me, remember that what is now Denny’s was once Doughnut Dans!

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A retro style Denny’s located at the famous Tanger Outlets.

True or false: At the beginning most Denny’s locations didn’t have locks on the doors.

If searching Denny’s near me, you might find it surprising to know that at the beginning Denny’s didn’t initially construct doors on their buildings with locks. This was because at the time all locations were 24/7 and the establishment never had to be locked down. This caused quite a stir in 1988 when nearly every Denny’s location closed on Christmas for the first time ever. Many doors simply had to go without being locked and those that did have locks didn’t have keys. Now Denny’s would never dream of constructing a building a without some security measures in place first. Different times indeed!

What year did the famous Denny’s Grand Slam premiere?

It’s hard to search Denny’s near me without considering the iconic Denny’s Grand Slam breakfast. The breakfast included eggs, pancakes, bacon (or sausage), toast, hash browns,and of course a cup of coffee. This amazing breakfast smorgasbord first premiered to the public in 1977. The dish was first created in honor of slugger Hank Aaron. The rest is food history!

True or false: The first New York location created epic lines.

True! When the first Denny’s location opened in New York City in 2014, patrons were forced to wait in line for over two hours. While many considered this a small price to pay for the chance to finally eat at a Denny’s, some diners simply weren’t impressed with the wait times. Of course, this Denny’s was like no other and also served alcohol. A hungry patron could easily order a bottle of Champagne with their grand slam breakfast at the New York City location.

Denny’s Near Me – Denny’s Facts

The Fried Cheese Melt Was Once Condemned

If you’re searching Denny’s near me hoping of getting your hands on a fried cheese melt, you’re likely out of luck. For a while Denny’s served a grilled cheese sandwich stuffed with mozzarella sticks. While some found the sandwich to be the most American thing to ever hit a table, several watchdog groups found the sandwich to be both gluttonous and deadly. The Center for Science in the Public Interest found that the dish contained an entire day’s worth of saturated fat and two day’s worth of sodium. The group eventually fought to have the item removed from the menu and won, much to the chagrin of many cheese loving diners.

Leaders in the Bacon Craze

Bacon reached fever pitch popularity in 2011 and Denny’s hopped on board early on. Denny’s pulled the ultimate power move by quickly introducing an all bacon menu. Baconalia was a food festival that dedicated 10 weeks of bacon pancakes, bacon meatloaf, and bacon milkshakes (amongst other bacon offerings). While the trend didn’t last long, Denny’s did bring Baconalia back in 2013, only to once again take it away.

Denny’s and Social Media

If you’re searching Denny’s near me because your interest was peaked by one of Denny’s many cryptic and totally off the wall Tweets, you’re not alone. Denny’s is known for often sending out weird and often indecipherable Tweets. Some tweets have simply contained poetry by comedian Michael Ian Black, while others have posed deep philosophical questions. Of course, when one thinks of Denny’s few of these things often come to mind. But it is Denny’s penchant for being a bit unpredictable that has made them true social media darlings.

Denny’s Once Served Two Million Grand Slams In One Day

After Denny’s promised a free Grand Slam to anyone who came to the restaurant between 6 am and 2pm on the Tuesday after Super Bowl XLIII, patrons came en masse to hop on the free breakfast train. According to Denny’s, they served over two million free Grand Slams that day. The campaign was so successful in getting people to reevaluate the diner and their quality of food, that they did it again the following year. Of course, the promo gained a bit too much popularity and Denny’s decided to discontinue free Grand Slam day in the years that followed.

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