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From crafting the perfect charcuterie board to making an appetizer that pops, the right cheese can truly elevate a moment. Whether its a healthy snack you crave or something spectacular for that French dish you’re about to try, a great cheese shop can take you on a tour of the world and make your next affair one for the ages.

Ready to find a great cheese shop near you? Simply browse cheese shop near me on the map below and find a list of the best cheese shops in your local area. Need a bit more information on buying cheese? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more. We’ll even throw in some helpful tips for your next cheese buying selection.

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Cheese Shop Near Me – Cheese Shop Trivia

True or false: Cheese was created 4,000 years ago by accident.

Cheese is one of those things we so often take for granted. After all, nowadays we just run to the grocery store and find a wide breadth of cheese varieties to choose from. Given how important cheese is in our lives, it is amazing that this food was first created by accident some 4,000 years ago. In fact, this food may have never been discovered at all if it weren’t for one very fortuitous mistake. According to historians, the first cheese was created accidentally when someone stored milk in a container lined with an animal’s stomach. The enzymes from the stomach actually caused the milk to separate into liquid and solids (curd). The curd itself is cheese. If it weren’t for this minor mistake, you wouldn’t be shopping cheese shop near me today.

cheese shop near me

A great cheese shop boasts the best cheeses and plenty of expertise.

How many pounds of milk to make one pound of cheese?

Ever wondered just how many pounds of milk it takes to make just one pound of cheese? Well, the answer itself may reveal why certain types of cheeses can cost an arm and a leg. Read on for the answer as you search cheese shop near me. Cheese makers state that it can take up to 10 pounds of milk to create just 1 pound of cheese. Cows have to eat around 90 pounds of food every day to produce 2,604 gallons of milk per year. All of that milk goes into crafting a whole lot of cheese!

Which state produces more cheese than any other?

Looking to cheese it up? One state in the US produces more cheese than any other. It may just be the reason why its citizens call themselves “cheeseheads.” Which state produces more cheese than any other? Read on for the answer as you search cheese shop near me. Wisconsin produces the most cheese in the US. In fact, 25% of all cheese made in the US comes from Wisconsin. The rest comes from California, Idaho, and New York. More than half of the country’s artisanal cheese is also made in Wisconsin. In addition to making plenty of delicious cheese, Wisconsin cheesemakers also seem to know what they’re doing. Wisconsin cheese makers have won one-third of all honors at the world Championship Cheese Contest. An honor that’s been around since the 1950s.

Cheese Shop Near Me – Cheese Shop Facts

Know Your Milk Types

When searching cheese shop near me or buying cheese, the first thing you want to learn more about is your milk types. There are three main milks used to make cheese. As you can expect, each has its own unique flavors and characteristics. When visiting your local cheese shop, start by trying young, mild cheeses made from each type of milk. These will help you to understand the varied characteristics in each. From there, you’ll be able to learn your preferences. Cow’s milk cheeses tend to have a buttery richness like no other. Goat’s milk is a bit tangier and has more of a bite.

Sheep’s milk possesses a very mellow nuttiness that pairs well with fruit or crackers. Once you know your milk types and which type of flavor profile you enjoy most, you’ll be able to buy the best cheeses for your next event or get together. Remember, truly immersing yourself in the world of artisanal cheeses is a process. You won’t know everything at once, but you’ll learn so much along the way. Part of the experience is learning what you like and becoming familiar with how cheese’s play and interact with other food items. Some are great with meats such as prosciutto, others play better with sweet fruits such as figs or cranberries.

Try Different Textures

Just like there are different flavor profiles to cheeses there are also may different textures. While it may seem pretty evident at first, different textures can change the overall feel and profile of the cheese. When choosing the right cheese, you need to know what kind of textures you actually like. The wrong texture can throw the whole thing off. Cheese textures can run from hard and granular (think parmesan) to very runny or soft (think brie). Texture may not seem important, but it plays a huge role in taste sensation. After all, mouthfeel is very important to the overall flavor profile of a cheese.

After searching cheese shop near me, don’t be afraid to get to know your employees and sample many types of cheeses. This isn’t frowned upon in the slightest. In fact, its encouraged. You need to experiment with different textures and milk types. It’s the only way to learn what you like. A great cheese shop can also teach you how cheese textures can change as they age. Because of this, they’ll likely point you in the right direction if you crave a certain texture from one type of cheese. While grocery stores are great for cheese on the fly, nothing can replace the expertise or skill that a true cheese shop can bring.

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