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When it comes to ethnic cuisine in the United States, Chinese reigns supreme in terms of popularity and sales. Chinese food first came to the American West Coast during the gold rush, when Chinese immigrants came from the southern territories of mainland China. Many of these immigrants had a hard time finding work when they first arrived in the US, leaving many to turn to the foodservice industry in order to support themselves. The rest is as they say, history.

While typical sit down Chinese restaurants are highly popular in the US, the prevalence of Chinese buffets is booming. With a comfortable environment, low prices, and an abundance of delicious food and desserts; it’s no wonder Americans are getting their Chinese fix at a local buffet. Are you interested in finding a Chinese buffet near you? Simply browse Chinese buffet near me on the map below and find a buffet in your area. Looking for a bit more information on Chinese food and buffets? Read on for facts, trivia, and a list of the top Chinese buffets in the US!

Chinese Buffet Near Me – Find it on the Map

Chinese Buffet Near Me – Chinese Buffet Trivia

True or false: Chinese food sales are around $17 billion in the US alone.

If you’re searching Chinese buffet near me in America, you’re not alone. Americans love their Chinese food fix, the proof is in the profit. According to statistics, Chinese restaurants throughout the US will rake in a whopping $17 billion in profit this year. From humble beginnings, Chinese food restaurants have truly carved a place for themselves in American cuisine.

chinese buffet near me

The average Chinese buffet in America boasts a red and gold color scheme along with traditional Chinese artwork.

True or false: Chinese takeout containers used to be Oyster pails.

True! Even if you’re searching Chinese buffet near me, you may be looking to take some leftovers with you. Before Chinese restaurants began using the white cardboard containers with the wire handles or plastic tupperware like containers, they used oyster pails. At the onset of Chinese takeout, hungry patrons were given wooden oyster pails, which were once used to transport raw oysters from the harbor to be shucked. Innovators saw use in the pails and began using them for Chinese takeout. That’s innovation at its finest!

What’s one of the biggest differences between American Chinese and traditional Chinese?

The true difference between American Chinese and traditional Chinese fare isn’t just the local US veggies, it’s the thick sugary syrup like sauce that cover most Chinese dishes in North America. This happened because many of the early ingredients available to restaurateurs like canned fruits, were drowned in sugar ridden syrups. After putting them to the test on several Chinese dishes, the sweet and savory combo proved a hit with the American public. The chapter canned ingredients also kept prices lower for both the consumer and the restaurant owners. This seemed a major win win to everyone involved. The trend has continued well into the modern age, where you can often find syrupy topped meets on the buffet line. From General Tso’s chicken to sesame chicken, Americans love these sweetened dishes.

Chinese Buffet Near Me – Chinese Buffet Facts

The Hipster Hand in Buffets

While searching Chinese buffet near me, you might be wondering just how Chinese food and buffets came to be so popular in the US. Blame the hipsters. Back when Chinese food was just finding its footing in the Us, the West Coast bohemian culture took to the cuisine in the 1920s. While the California hipster crowd loved their Chinese food, it wasn’t until after World War II that the cuisine found true popularity in the US. Originally many restaurants offered two menus, an American one and a Chinese one, each catering to different food preferences. Soon, the beatnik hipster palette came to reign supreme, and Americanized Chinese food soon became the prevalent option. Buffets came along to not only satisfy a growing infatuation with Chinese food, but to cater to the hungry American crowd who wanted large portions at an affordable price. Many Chinese restaurant owners also found that many Americans thrive on not having to choose just one thing, making a buffet the perfect restaurant for indecisive and budget conscious diners.

American Chinese is a Mash Up

American Chinese food is heavily influenced by cultures from around the world rather than just mainland China. For example, Crab Rangoon is actually a French Polynesian dish that has roots in San Francisco. The Chinese Fortune cookie is actually a traditional Japanese cracker that was adopted for American Chinese restaurants as a fun finishing touch. Many of the noodles used in modern Chinese dishes are actually Italian inspired and have little relevance to actually Chinese noodles.

Top 3 All You Can Eat Chinese Buffets in the US

If you find yourself near one of these buffets after searching Chinese buffet near me, consider yourself in for a true culinary treat!

1. Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet, Norfolk, VA

If the giant wooden boat salad bar isn’t enough to pull you in, the food certainly is! This all you can eat buffet not only features traditional buffet fare, the restaurant will also whip up some fresh hibachi for you. The best part? It’s all included in the price of the buffet.

2. Jumbo Buffet, Kenner, LA

The name of this Chinese buffet says it all. This restaurant is a one stop Chinese destination for every food craving you may have. Best of all? The buffet is all you can eat.

3. Golden China Restaurant, Ventura, CA

If you’re looking for a buffet that’s also part karaoke bar and part sports bar, look no further. Not only does Golden China offer a vast array of Chinese and sushi dishes, but you can indulge in your Chinese fix while taking in some interesting karaoke ballads or catching the big game.

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