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Finding a good meal on a budget isn’t as easy as it used to be. With more and more restaurants compromising quality for higher profits, where is one to go for a good meal that doesn’t break the bank? Culver’s of course! Culver’s was founded on the concept that good food doesn’t have to cost a lot of money. With staples like burgers and fries, Culver’s has been offering comfort food to the masses for decades.

Are you interested in finding a Culver’s near you? Simply browse Culver’s near me on the map below and find a list of Culver’s locations in your area. Need a bit more information on Culver’s? Read on for facts, trivia, and more!

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Culver’s Near Me – Culver’s Trivia

Who founded Culver’s Restaurant?

Ever wondered who founded the iconic chain that is now Culver’s Restaurant? Consider these facts as you search Culver’s near me! This iconic food chain was actually started by four Culvers: George, Ruth, their son Craig, and Craig’s wife Lea. The fab four had started many business ventures in the past, with George and Ruth having owned an A&W franchise in Sauk City, WI from 1961 until 1968. They also owned the Farm Kitchen resort at Devil’s Lake. Their son Craig worked at the restaurant while on breaks from the University of Wisconsin, where he eventually met his wife Lea. After Craig graduated, he took a job at McDonalds and then came up with a scheme to open his very own restaurant. A great opportunity presented itself when the same A&W the Culver’s owned back in the 1960’s once again became available in 1984. The foursome saw a great location and an even greater opportunity. They snagged the spot and decided to launch a restaurant of their very own. With this idea in mind, Culver’s was born, quickly gaining popularity in the area and eventually expanding to other regions and states.

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Culver’s is known for great meals and good times!

Which chain proved to be a nemesis for Culver’s?

Every restaurant can face stiff competition from nearby chains and dining establishments, but Culver’s first year proved tougher than most. What chain actually proved to be a nemesis for Culver’s at the beginning? Consider these facts as you search Culver’s near me. Starting a restaurant and getting it off the ground is always tough, especially during the first year. Things certainly don’t become any easier when you have a well established fast food chain located just a few doors down. According to Craig Culver, the restaurant initially lost out on a lot of money in 1984 due to a Hardee’s that was located right down the street. Hardee’s already had an established presence in the area, which meant many patrons were eager to choose familiarity over trying something new. Luckily, the Culvers managed to break even and by year two they started to turn a profit. When 1986 rolled around, the family firmly got on their feet and earned a whopping $100,000.

Culver’s Near Me – Culver’s Facts

The Truth Behind the Butter Burger

Culver’s kitchen is known to produce some of the best fast food in the business, but they’re most famous for their iconic butter burger. Who exactly came up with the idea for the butter burger? The matriarch of the family of course! Consider this as you search Culver’s near me. Culver’s major claim to fame actually came straight from Mom’s kitchen. Ruth had been serving her family burgers slathered in butter and toasted to perfection since Craig was a little one. The team decided that the burgers were so good and different enough from their competitors that they definitely deserved to be on the menu right from the beginning. As suspected, the butter burger took off fast. Patrons couldn’t get enough of the buttery taste, toasty buns, and perfectly prepared burgers. Nowadays, the Culver’s make sure to train their legion of fry cooks for hours upon hours to ensure that they have the method for making butter burgers down to a science. Since then, competitors have been trying their hands at their own version of the butter burger, only to fall flat. After all, you certainly can’t beat the original!

A Generous Business

One thing that Culver’s has always prided themselves on is being generous and giving back to the communities they serve. As you continue to search Culver’s near me, consider how this restaurant has taken giving and generosity to a whole new level. According to insiders, Culver’s has a philanthropy program that serves to give money to local groups, national charities, and local employees in the form of hefty scholarships. If you really want an idea of just how charitable Culver’s is, consider the work they accomplished in Platteville, WI. Several years ago, a fire shut down the local Culver’s. Franchise owner Bruce Kroll wanted to make sure that his team of 40 would be taken care of while the restaurant was down and out. At first, Kroll assumed that things had been worked out through the insurance company, after all, that’s why insurance exists. Unfortunately, the policy only covered up to 60 days of downtime. The remaining sum, a whopping $144,000, had to come out of Bruce’s own pocket. Bruce’s generosity didn’t go unrecognized. His grateful employees made sure to get Bruce some national recognition by contacting talk show host Steve Harvey, who quickly invited Bruce onto the show. The Culver’s Restaurant family is one of big heart and true generosity!

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