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Looking for an in demand career that won’t require a four year degree? A career in dental hygiene is perfect for you! Dental hygienist assist dentists in caring for teeth and interacting with patients. Its a career with lucrative salary, a flexible schedule, and the opportunity for benefits. If this all sounds good to you, start by pursuing a great dental hygiene school to get your career off on the right foot.

Simply browse dental hygienist school near me on the map below and find a list of the best dental hygiene schools in your local area. Need a bit more information on becoming a dental hygienist? Read on for interesting facts, tips, and more!

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How long does it take to become a dental hygienist?

One of the most lucrative aspects of pursuing a career in dental hygiene is the schooling. While many careers demand a four year degree or even a masters, all you need to become a dental hygienist is a two year degree in dental hygiene. Where can you procure a dental hygiene degree? Read on as you search dental hygienist school near me. While you’re more than welcome to go for a four year degree at a major college or university, most people choose to earn an associates degree in dental hygiene at a community college or trade school. Programs are only two years long and tend to be far more affordable than a traditional four year school. If you’re someone who wants to get their career started sooner rather than later and without all of the crippling debt, then go the two year associate’s degree route.

Dental Hygienist School Near Me

Dental hygienists assist dentists and assist patients daily.

What is the average starting salary for a dental hygienist?

It goes without saying that money isn’t everything. Yet, in today’s world making a reasonable salary is the foundation that we all require to lead a comfortable life. While searching dental hygienist school near me, keep the salary of this profession in mind. According to statistics, dental hygienists earn a median salary of $72,910. Given that the average median salary in the US is only around $42,000, you can rest assured that you’ll make a comfortable living that will enable you to provide for yourself and your family. On the low end, dental hygienists earn around $60,500. This a starting salary that you can typically acquire right out of school. Additionally, some more experienced hygienists in upscale areas take home around $86,390. That’s not too shabby!

How much does it cost to become a dental hygienist?

Now that you know what you can expect to make as a dental hygienist, it’s time to find out how much you can expect to spend earning your degree. While searching dental hygienist school near me, keep these costs in mind. According to some statistics, you can expect to spend around $22,000 overall earning your associate’s degree in dental hygiene. Tuition costs depend upon the level and type of program you pursuing.

Additionally, the cost of books, food, housing, and healthcare all go into the cost of tuition at many schools. If you choose to commute from home rather than staying on campus, you may be able to cut your costs down even more. In contrast, those attempting to earn a BA in dental hygiene can expect to spend well over $36,000. For dental hygiene, tuition costs depend on the level and type of program you are considering.

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A Flexible Schedule

Everyone wants to have a flexible schedule. It is crucial to ensuring work/life balance and can greatly increase your overall happiness both at work and at home. With that said, many jobs don’t offer a great degree of flexibility. Luckily, dental hygiene isn’t one of them. In fact, one of the biggest perks of having a job as a dental hygienist is the ability to keep a flexible schedule. You can choose to work full-time, part-time, or even just on weekends.

Many dental hygienists even choose to work at multiple offices, putting in hours one or two days a week at each one. While you may have to tweak your own schedule every now and then around busy times of year, most hygienists are able to set their own hours and work around their hectic lives. If you’re searching dental hygiene schools near me, then you can count on a flexible schedule throughout your career. That’s something that many people will never have the opportunity to experience.

Be A People Person

Are you a people person? Do you just love to chit-chat with anyone and everyone? Well, then a career in dental hygiene is most certainly for you. Dental hygienists are very often sociable, extroverted, and truly invested in the patients they care for. Since the top priority of most dental offices is to make patients feel as relaxed as possible, while teaching them proper ways to care for their teeth, it is imperative that hygienists be personable.

As a dental hygienist, you’ll work in a very comfortable and friendly environment where you’ll interact with folks from all walks of life on a daily basis. If you identify as a people person, recognize the importance of oral health, and enjoy helping others, then a career in dental hygiene is for you. Simply search dental hygienist school near me on the map below and find a list of the best schools in your area. Don’t hesitate, get your career started today. All you have to do is make that first call and you’ll be off to the races. Of course, if you’re more on the introverted side, that’s okay too. Every profession needs people of all kinds to make every patient feel right at home!

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