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Looking for a place to eat? Or do you just need to grab something on the go? Well, there are a wide range of places where you can purchase yourself some food. Take a look at the Food Places Near Me on the map below. You might feel a little overwhelmed.

When you click on a location on the map, it will give you the name of the location, the address and the phone number. You will also find the hours of operation and it will tell you if the place is open or not. You will also get a website if the company has one and finally some reviews. With a few clicks, you can also get directions to the location of your choice, so you can be off on your adventure.

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Restaurant Versus Grocery Store

The two biggest groups of food places that you get are restaurants and grocery stores. Grocery stores generally provide you with the ingredients to make food at home; however, many do have small delis and kitchens where they will pre-cook food for you to take home, if you aren’t in the mood to make something yourself.

On the other hand, restaurants generally prepare food for you to eat at their location. Many do offer take out and even delivery services. So, if you are feeling like you aren’t going to be able to cook, you can always see about arranging to pickup restaurant food or having the food delivered. Companies like GrubHub specialize in picking up and delivering food to people from restaurants that don’t normally deliver food. So, if you find a place that you want to eat but really aren’t in the mood or able to pick it up, you might want to look into getting it delivered to you.

food places near me

The Union Oyster House is the oldest restaurant still running in America.

Hours of Operation:

Hours of operation for food places can vary greatly. Grocery stores tend to be open in the morning until the evening hours; however, some are open 24 hours and restaurants tend to open depending upon the type of restaurants. If they offer breakfast options they will open early and if they have dinner or late night choices they will be open until later in the evening. In the larger cities, you are bound to find something open at any hour; however, smaller towns may not have that much choice outside of a gas station at some hours.

5 Quick Facts about Food Places in America

1. The number of restaurants in America has grown to more than 660,000 locations across the country and the number of grocery stores is over 38,000. Meaning there are close to 1 food place for every 500 people in the country. So, when you search Food Places Near Me, you are bound to find something close by.

2. The fast food industry alone employs over 3.6 million people and the food service industry as a whole employs over 7.6 million people.

3. The restaurant industry has an annual revenue of almost $800 billion in America. Compared to the global $2.6 trillion dollars, America makes up 30% of all money spent on restaurants worldwide.

4. Subway holds the place for the largest food chain in the United States, but internationally, the title is held by McDonalds.

5. The oldest restaurant in America is the Ye Olde Union Oyster House in Boston, which was opened in 1826. It is almost 200 years old! So, if you want to enjoy eating a piece of history, swing by if you are in the neighborhood. You can find it on Union Street.

Food Places Near Me – Food Places Facts

Types of Restaurants

If you are looking for a restaurant to eat at, the question is going to be, what type of restaurant? There are several common styles of restaurants to choose from.

1. Fast Food:

These are probably the most common style of food choices. They generally are large chains that have common names in any city you go to. Typically, they open early if they have a breakfast menu and close between 9PM and midnight, unless they are open late, around 2am or open 24 hours. The largest of these chains would be Subway. The food ranges in quality, but it is normally not designed to be fancy. They are generally designed to be family friendly and be reasonably priced. They will also normally offer drive-thru service, if you want to just swing in and pick stuff up.

2. Family Diners:

These places can be chains, like Denny’s or smaller family owned and operated locations. As the name implies, they are normally family friendly and designed to be cozy. The food is meant to be eaten sit-down, but sometimes you can do take-out. The locations generally serve meals throughout the day and open early, 6 or 7am and close in the evening around 9 or 10pm; however, many chains or locations if they are connected to hotels may be open 24 hours.

3. Cafés:

Café’s are normally designed for light meals or breakfasts. Their food selections are often reduced to include quick foods like soups, sandwiches and baked goods. As their name implies, they are normally based around drinks like specialty coffees and teas. The most famous of these chains is Starbucks. The hours can vary depending on the target, but normally they open early for those on their way to work and stay open late. Many chains will often offer 24 hour locations.

4. Buffets:

Buffets are always fun and generally have offers for each major meal: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. The advantages are pretty obvious, you don’t have to settle on one thing to eat, you don’t have to wait after you have been seated, and you can generally eat as much as you want. One popular American favorite for buffets is Old Country Buffet which has many locations around the country. The most famous though are probably the buffets of Las Vegas.

5. Sit-Down:

While this group of restaurants is rather large, it generally is a bit more formal. There are many restaurants that are designed to be a complete experience where you come in and sit down. Depending upon the type, they may be family friendly and they may be designed for something more intimate. Depending on their menus, they may only be open at specific times of the day.

6. Pubs:

Pubs are generally a mixture of a bar and a restaurant. They are designed to be places for adults to relax and enjoy good food with a drink or two or more along the side. Pubs normally have a limited menu and region favorite foods, the staples are normally burgers and fries; however, many will also have breakfast menus and other options. Chicken wings are always a favorite. Their hours tend to be opening around 10am, if they offer a breakfast/brunch menu and open late, depending on the city/state laws until around 2am or possibly later.

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