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Is there anything more exhilarating than a trip to your local go kart course? Who doesn’t want to feel like Mario Andretti for a day! Not only are go karts a fun source of recreation, but races and competitions can up the ante. In fact, there are now many go kart racing leagues and even title races.

Are you interested in finding go karts in your area? Simply browse go karts near me on the map below and find a list of go kart tracks and recreational facilities in a close proximity to you. Need more information on go-carts? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and information on this fun hobby!

Go Karts Near Me – Find it on the Map

Go Karts Near Me – Go Karts Trivia

When did go karts first start?

If you’re searching go karts near me, you may be wondering when this fun form of recreation first began. Most go kart historians (yes they exist) give credit to native Californian Art Ingels for building the first racing go kart, initially dubbed a go-cart. Once invented, it did not take long at all for the fad to catch on and for go-cart tracks to begin popping up all around America. By the late 1950s, an American company modified a 2-stroke chainsaw motor and the McColloch MC-10 became the first motor that was manufactured specifically for go-cart racing. Today, the engines used in kart racing are generally split into two distinct classifications: 2-stroke or 4-stroke motors. The majority of 2-stroke kart racing engines are manufactured in Italy. Italy is home to several large European karting companies such as Birel, Tony Kart, CRG, and IAME. Racing engines in today’s karts are very sophisticated and are capable of reaching 20,000 rpm. The four stroke motors used in kart racing and recreational karting have mostly been adapted from a standard lawnmower engine, thus providing a more affordable alternative to the powerful 2 stroke engine.

go karts near me

Whether you’re looking to to pro or just have some fun, riding go karts is a fun time for all ages!

How are go-karts designed?

Consider this while searching, go karts near me. The actual design of a kart and the chassis used depends upon the type of karting that the kart will be used for. Racing go kart chassis for sprint tracks are built very square. On the other hand, drivers that prefer oval track kart racing have the option of running an offset racing go kart chassis for an on-track performance advantage when they turn left. Karters who typically participate in enduro racing, often opt for sporting kart chassis or the more popular class of laydown kart chassis with an overall height that is much lower to the ground. Some speedway kart racing and oval track events offer classes for caged roll over protection. Of course, if you’re just a casual kart participant looking for a fun evening rather than a life long commitment the karts at your local course will certainly do the trick!

Go Karts Near Me – Go Karts Facts

Indoor Kart Racing

If you’re searching go karts near me, you may be wondering what indoor kart racing event is. Indoor kart racing is become more popular with each passing year, as many would be race drivers can rent a go kart for 10 to 20 minute sessions in a safe indoor racing go kart track. Indoor kart facilities have introduced kart racing to mainstream Americans by catering to everything from corporate outings to kids birthday parties. These facilities are typically built in a converted warehouse or factory building. Indoor tracks typically feature short straight aways and tighter corners with electronic scoreboards that post everyone’s lap time. Indoor karting tracks are typically a lot of fun for friends and family, adults and kids. Most indoor tracks keep concessions and other food goodies. Some kart facilities also house other kinds of recreational activities such as batting cages.

A New Type of Carting

If you’re searching go karts near me, hoping to get some good recreation in, consider the most recent addition to the kart racing family. Affectionately called the “clone” class, these new cats feature a replica 6.5 horsepower Honda 4-stroke kart racing engine. The engine itself is manufactured in China. The engine can be adapted to a sprint kart chassis, and oval track racing go kart chassis. The lower horsepower karting class provides an under $1500 option to the more expensive $3000 to $5000 option. These are ready race karts that only require a bit of gas and oil in order to get going.

Fun For All Ages

Part of the appeal of go karts, is that they are fun for individuals of all ages and walks of life. Nearly 35 million Americans are known to participate in this sport every year. Go karts that are available for rent at indoor tracks and amusement parks are often restricted to going 15 to 20 miles per hour, which makes them safe and family friendly for individuals of all ages. The average age of a go kart enthusiast is 30 years old. Obviously, children certainly love the sport as well. Indoor go karting is a great weekend hobby and a way to forget all of your troubles while blowing off some steam. It is also a unique way to bond a group of friends or get in a little healthy competition.

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