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Whether you’re looking to join a class or use some equipment, the gym is a one stop shop for all of your fitness needs. With affordable monthly pricing options, on site childcare, and free classes; finding a gym that suits all of your needs is easier than ever.

While anyone can work out by going for a run or hitting the treadmill at home, the gym provides much needed motivation to help you stay on track even when the going gets tough. Interested in finding gyms near you? Simply browse gyms near me on the map below and find a list of gyms in your area. Need a bit more information on gyms? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on gyms in the US!

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Gyms Near Me – Gyms Trivia

True or false: Studies show that the size of your bank account affects your gym habits.

True! In searching for gyms near me, you’re obviously looking to get fit and stay healthy, but not every income level enjoys the luxury of a gym. Based on several recent studies, the fitness habits of a majority of Americans is based on the size of their bank account. People who have a lot of disposable income and a sizable bank account are more likely to go to the gym regularly than gym members who take in less money. On a study of 1,600 participants, researchers found that people who earned less than $30,000 a year, went to the gym for an hour a week, while those earning bigger bucks went to the gym a average of three hours per week.

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Many gyms now feature large spacious floor plans to allow individuals to have their space in a once crowded environment.

True or false: Gym goers eat more chocolate.

True! You don’t have to ditch the chocolate habit in your quest to be fit. In fact, studies show that gym goers tend to consume much more chocolate than their non-gym going counterparts. According to market research groups, those who go to the gym are 18% more likely to indulge in chocolate bars. Some chock this up to the fact that gym goers often reward themselves with chocolate after a workout. Non-gym goers tend to feel guilty indulging in too much chocolate and will often keep from having a bite of the sweet stuff.

What time of year do gym membership sales skyrocket?

If you’re searching gyms near me after Christmas, you’re not alone. Studies show that gym membership sales often skyrocket right after the Christmas season. Many people tend to overindulge during the Christmas season and then vow to go on a health kick as soon as the holiday has passed. This number also has to do with new year’s resolutions to lose weight. Apparently 12 percent of all gym members sign up in January, yet these memberships are very short lived. According to fitness industry experts, after just 24 weeks a majority of post Christmas members have quit or started attending less frequently.

What percent of people lie about going to the gym?

According to several recent studies, 13% of all people lie about going to the gym and working out on a fairly regular basis. In fact several of the people studied, went so far as to tell a friend or loved one they were going to the gym, only to go somewhere else for that hour instead.

Gyms Near Me – Gyms Facts

Genetics Can Lead To Gym Hatred

If your begrudgingly searching gyms near me, hating the very thought of working out, it may not be entirely your fault. In fact, you may want to place the blame on mom and dad for giving you gym hating genetics. Researchers at Iowa State University found that people’s ability to withstand pain and exertion when it comes to exercise are influenced by genetics 50% of the time. For those with low ventilatory thresholds, exercise can cause drops in mood and a high level of gym hatred. Next time you’re feeling lousy at the gym understand that it’s not entirely your fault!

Romance at the Gym

If you’re single and searching gyms near me, you’re in luck! A recent study of 2,000 gym goers found that nearly 10.5 % of members actually met someone at the gym. While not every gym relationship was long lasting, several lead to second and third dates. A few even resulted in marriage. Researchers attribute this to the common core values gym members tend to share, such as healthy eating, fitness, and leading an active lifestyle. When building a strong healthy relationship, commonality is often key.

Gym Memberships On the Rise

As of late gym memberships in the US have been on the rise. With exciting classes such as zumba and pilates and niche gyms such as Soul Cycle and CrossFit, there’s never been a better time to get fit. With a little something for everyone available in almost every region of the US, finding your little corner of the gym market is the easy part. Now actually going to the gym is the hard part!

Exercise Boosts Your Brain Power

If you’re searching gym near me, be prepared to have a more productive day! Research shows that individuals who work out for at least 30 minutes a day, have increased energy levels and in increased level of serotonin levels in the brain. This leads to improved mental clarity, improved focus, and an easier time taking on difficult tasks. Overall, exercise not only ups your productivity, but it will actually leave you feeling less tired over time.

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    This should be a voluntary program with permission from Parents and Doctor. School doesn’t know conditions where Doctor recommends lower heart rate. We are all different. Democrats seem to forget that.