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Soaking in a hot spring is a surefire way to relax and ease tension. These mineral rich baths can boast a wealth of natural health benefits, many of which have been practiced for centuries in Europe and Japan as natural treatment options. Hot springs are very therapeutic and rejuvenating. In many ways, they are one of nature’s most precious gifts.

Are you interested in finding hot springs near you? Simply browse hot springs near me on the map below and find a list of hot springs close to your current location. Need a bit more information on hot springs? Read on for tips, trivia, facts, and more! You might just learn something new to think about when embarking on your next mineral soak.

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How does a hot spring work?

Many people love to soak in a hot spring to relax or to gain some health benefits, but most are at a loss for how hot springs actually work. So what makes a hot spring a hot spring? Consider this as you search hot springs near me. The water issuing from a hot spring is heated by geothermal heat. This means that the heat being cultivated is from the earth’s interior. In general, the temperature of the rocks located within the earth increases with the depth of the water. This is known as a geothermal gradient. Hot springs themselves tend to form due to several geological features of the earth. As rain falls on certain areas of rock, it percolates into the porous sedimentary rocks. As it descends through the rock levels, it picks up a variety of materials, including radium and sulfur. As it moves further down beneath the surface, it heats up from the natural heat of the earth. Eventually it comes upon large thrusts and cracks. This forces the heated water to ascend along the fault lines to surface as hot springs.

hot springs near me

Hot springs are a great holistic way to relax and unwind!

Can a hot spring improve circulation?

Spending time in a hot spring is beneficial in many ways, but one observable difference many doctors have noted is how a hot spring can improve circulation. Consider this as you search hot springs near me. The water that is found in a natural hot spring contains a bevy of different minerals. Among the most prominent are calcium and sodium bicarbonate. When a person bathes in a hot spring, the skin of the body soaks in these minerals. This causes hydrostatic pressure to rise within the body. As this process continues, circulation and oxygen flow increases. The effect is similar to that after a brisk walk or running on the treadmill. Having an oxygenated circulatory system isn’t just beneficial to your heart, it keeps all of the bodies vital organs and tissues healthy and strong. Who knew that simply relaxing in a hot spring could boast such palpable and lasting benefits? Perhaps visiting could have more benefits than you thought!

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Hot Springs Reduce Stress

Now that you know beneficial hot springs can be to your circulation, it’s time to touch on the most important aspect of sitting in a hot spring: stress reduction. Can a hot spring actually reduce one’s overall stress? Yes! As you search hot springs near me, consider just how relaxing some time in a hot spring can be. Most of us look for new ways to relieve stress. Some people rely on pills, others rely on meditation. Excess stress can be a problem, but something as simple as soaking in a mineral spring can contribute to the psychological healing process. While soaking in a spring, your tense muscles are relaxed and your mind is at ease. You feel enveloped in warmth and relaxation. When you soak in warm water, your body temperature gradually rises. It then cools down after your bath is complete. This body cooling process can help one to relax and fall into a state of deep sleep. This is why mineral springs can be truly enticing to those who suffer from anxiety, sleep issues, and other psychological stressors.

Can a hot spring solve skin problems?

As you can likely already tell, hot springs have loads of psychological and physical benefits. One added benefit you might not be aware of is the healing benefits of hot springs for temperamental or inflamed skin. When applied directly to the skin, mineral rich hot spring water has been proven to naturally relieve some major skin issues. The high content of silica found in hot springs is known to soften dry rough skin. The medicinal properties of the water’s high sulfur content can also help to relieve uncomfortable bouts of eczema and psoriasis. Of course, no matter how healthy you are, you should always check with your doctor before taking a soak in a hot spring. Pregnant and elderly folks should be particularly wary, as hot water baths are not always ideal. If you’re not sure if you can benefit from a hot spring, ask your doctor if anything on your records could potentially keep you from taking a nice long soak. While hot springs are great, they’re certainly not for everyone. As you search hot springs near me, consider your own unique health needs!

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