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Comforting and warm, Irish food is a hearty hug for the soul. Though you won’t find much in the way of spice or kick, you will find plenty of sustaining staples like potatoes, meat, and cabbage. If you’re looking to find a great Irish restaurant in your local region. You’ve come to the right place.

Simply browse Irish restaurant near me on the map below and find a list of Irish restaurants in your local area. Need a bit more information on Irish food? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and so much more!

Irish Restaurant Near Me – Find it on the Map

Irish Restaurant Near Me – Trivia

What is the national dish of Ireland?

Looking to dabble in Irish food? You may want to start by sampling the national dish of Ireland! What is the national dish of Ireland? Consider this as you search Irish restaurant near me. The national dish of Ireland is Irish stew. A thick and hearty dish comprised of mutton, potatoes, and onions. Within the dish are iconic ingredients that are truly synonymous with the country of Ireland, potatoes being the most famous. There is debate about whether not carrots belong in the mix, but you certainly can’t go wrong no matter which way the dish is prepared.

Irish Restaurant Near Me

Irish beef stew is just one dish you’ll find on the menu of a great Irish restaurant.

True or false: Irish food contains lots of salt and pepper.

To Americans, it can be difficult to envision food without the use of salt and pepper. They are basic ingredients which somehow always find their way into even the most complex meals. In Ireland, this is also quite true.Irish food is known for being high quality and fresh but far from complex. Ingredients are often in season and come from local markets or farmers. Most of Irish cooking is done without the use of herbs and spices, save for salt and pepper. While you find many exotic spices or even a kick of heat, you will find salt and pepper. The reason? Irish food is simple.

For centuries, the people who live there have depended on staples and basics that could be acquired any time of year. The staples of an Irish diet are potatoes, grains, and dairy. Potatoes appear in nearly every Irish meal. Irish scones and biscuits are a specialty in the north, many of which are made with potatoes.

The Irish are also particularly adept at making cheese. Ireland is known for about fifty different types of “farmhouse” cheeses. As you search Irish restaurant near me, seek to find restaurants that focus on fresh quality basics and un-fussy staples that could be found in any Irish mum’s kitchen.

Irish Restaurant Near Me – Facts

Big Meals, Large Portions

One thing you’ll immediately notice while searching Irish restaurant near me is that the Irish do not skimp on the portions, especially when it comes to breakfast and lunch. Generally, the Irish love to eat large breakfasts, especially in rural regions.

The most common breakfast foods in Ireland include soda bread, pancakes, eggs, porridge, and tea or coffee. An old fashioned country breakfast would include a mixed grill of breakfast meats and possibly cones, soda bread and preserves, black pudding, and fresh fruit juice. In the past, dinner was the main meal of the day and that was eaten at lunchtime.

A typical dish eaten at this time of day was the “Dublin coddle” which was bacon, sausage, potato, and onion soup. Nowadays, people eat lighter meals in the morning and at midday. The main meal is still at dinner or whenever people are finished with work and school. A typical Irish lunch includes a bowl of soup and some freshly baked soda bread.

“Supper” in Ireland is actually a late night snack, since a typical supper is only a slice of bread with butter and perhaps a glass of milk. Dinner is often hearty and filling, something any Irish person would be proud to eat. As you search Irish restaurant near me, know what time of day you can get a hearty meal that’s equal parts filling and comforting.

Know What To Expect During Lent

If you’re searching Irish restaurant near me during the Lent season, there are a few things you might find to be missing on the menu. During the 40 days of Irish lent, Catholics will abstain from eating certain foods. Some people will nix milk, butter, eggs, and all other animal products during this 40 day period.

Others will follow the more modern approach of simply abstaining from eating meat on Fridays. On Good Friday, the Irish will traditionally eat hot cross buns, which are a light bread-like pastry topped with a cross made from frosting. The cross holds deep spiritual meaning to Irish Catholics. Some Irish restaurants may alter their dishes to fit in with the Lent season.

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