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Have you noticed that maybe your site has been starting to go? Maybe you don’t have 20/20 vision like you use to or maybe you need a new prescription. The place to best suit your needs would be none other than LensCrafters! They offer quite a few different services and you can find almost anything you need there.

You’ll be sure to find an eyeglass pair or maybe some contacts that you’ll love. If you’re interested in checking out LensCrafters, just search LensCrafters near me to find your nearest location.

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How did LensCrafters get its start?

In 1983, Dean Butler who was a 38-year-old man that had previously worked at Procter and Gamble decided to open up LensCrafters. Butler was definitely a smart guy as he had managed the Ivory liquid, Cheers laundry detergent and Folger’s instant coffee brands but he wanted to move on to something new. In the 80s, the eye wear industry was about to undergo a radical change. Butler decided to cease the timing and left P&G and launched the first ever Precision LensCrafters which would later be known as just Lenscrafters. It was just a 7,500-square-foot store just across the Ohio River from Cincinnati in Florence, Kentucky. He would eventually be joined by another P&G colleague Daniel Hogues.

lenscrafters near me

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What did Butler promise?

Butler promised the public that you could have glasses in about an hour. His stores were all located in malls so customers could just shop for about an hour before picking up their glasses. There was also a “no risk sales guarantee” that gave clients a full refund on glasses returned within thirty days of purchase. While many people were convinced the concept would fail, LensCrafters first-year sales totaled about $2 million. Their success would draw the attention from a very powerful backer known as United States Shoe Corporation.

Who is the United States Shoe Corporation?

United States Shoe was a billion-dollar company that was also based in Cincinnati. They were in business for over 100 years and they had diversified from just footwear to retail apparel with some chains like Casual Corner and Petite Sophisticate.

Because of this backing, they wouldn’t only go on to dominate the eyeglasses industry but also take precedence over United States Shoe Corporation. LensCrafters’ sales multiplied from $13.6 million to $305 million in sales just from 1984 to 1987. If you’re interested in purchasing some eyeglasses or scheduling an eye exam, just search LensCrafters near me to find your closest location. You should probably be able to find a location with no issues.

LensCrafters Near Me – LensCrafters Facts

LensCrafters and other type of retailers weren’t happy with just waiting for the aging baby boomers’ eyesight to deteriorate so they need another way to sell off their eyeglasses. They started to promote the concept of eyeglasses as fashionable accessories just like you would with shoes or jewelry. It not only encouraged sales of designer eyeglasses but the need to own more than one pairs of glasses.

LensCrafters was and is still quite involved with charitable activities. Starting in 1988 in cooperation with Lions Club International, the company recycled used eyeglasses through “Give the Gift of Sight” programs. This charity would go on to fashion more than three million pairs of eyeglasses for disadvantaged people in the United States and abroad from 1988 through 1996. During 1993, the company would go on to launch its Hometown Day project where each employee of each of the company’s stores donated their time and expertise to needy recipients in their own communities. Also in that same year, CEO Browne committed the company to provide free healthcare to one million people by LensCrafters’ 20th anniversary in 2003. The company’s charitable events would go on to earn them a Volunteer Action Award from President Bill Clinton in 1994.

LensCrafters would go on to open up international stores and would actually be the first company in the U.S. Shoe affiliate to establish an overseas presence in 1998 when they launched nine Canadian superstores. It was actually Canada’s largest optical retailer in 1993 with the acquisition of the 22-store Eye Masters Ltd. chain. By the end of 1994, the company had nearly five dozen Canadian locations.

LensCrafters also tried to open up across the Atlantic Ocean but that didn’t go as well. In 1990, LensCrafters opened stores in the United Kingdom but by the fall of 1993, the company was ready to close all its U.K. stores. If you’re interested in getting an eye exam or purchasing new glasses jut remember to search LensCrafters near me to find your closest location.

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