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Sheetz is a popular chain of gas stations and convenience stores located in the Northeast portion of the United States. Sheetz has built a devoted following amongst those who love the chain’s commitment to low prices, great made to order food items, and handmade coffee drinks.

Are you interested in finding a Sheetz location in your area? Simply browse Sheetz near me on the map below and find a list of Sheetz locations in a close proximity to you. Need a bit more information on this chain? Read on for facts, trivia, and a bit of history on this beloved brand!

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When was Sheetz first founded?

Like so many American chains that have grown exponentially, Sheetz had humble beginnings. Consider these facts while searching Sheetz near me. Sheetz was initially founded by Bob Sheetz back in 1952 when he purchased one of his father’s five dairy farms in the western town of Altoona, Pennsylvania. Part of Sheetz commitment to quality and freshness stems from Bob’s upbringing on the farm. Unlike many business owners, Bob understood the hard work that went into owning a dairy farm and a business in general. He never shied away from a challenge and welcomed the hurdles that came with a true devotion to quality. After several years, Sheetz grew and Bob hired his brother Steve to work part time at his store. By 1963, a second Sheetz location was introduced under the name Sheetz Kwik Shopper. Just five years later, a third store came to be. In 1969, Steve joined Bob in the business as a general manager. The brothers decided to plan an expansion based on the rate of one store per year with the target of having seven operating stores by 1972. In 1972, the company expanded from seven stores to fourteen stores, with the addition of gasoline pumps and self serve gasoline making waves in Central Pennsylvania. By 1983, Bob and Steve had 100 stores under their belt, allowing Bob to retire the following year, handing off his booming business to his younger brother.

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Sheetz locations are large, efficient, and welcoming.

What items did Sheetz first sell?

If you’re searching Sheetz near me, you may be wondering just what items Sheetz sold at its inception. Given that the business started out as a dairy, Sheetz initially sold dairy wholesale to the hardworking folks in Altoona, PA. Store items included milk, cheese, meats, and newspapers. Eventually other common household essentials were introduced into the lineup. In 1973, Sheetz transitioned to selling gasoline and established itself as a true tour de force in the convenience store world. Nowadays, Sheetz sells gasoline, made to order food items, handcrafted coffee drinks, medicine, and other essential food and beverage items to folks all over the eastern seaboard.

Sheetz Near Me – Sheetz Facts

Pioneering Touch Screen Monitors

If you’ve had the privilege of visiting a Sheetz location or searching Sheetz near me, you understand that part of Sheetz appeal comes from offering made to order food items ranging from sandwiches and hot subs to salads and burgers. The brand also offers made to order lattes, frappuccinos, and other coffee drinks whose quality could rival established coffee joints. While offering made to order food items isn’t necessarily unique, the process is. Sheetz was the first convenience store to develop the touch screen monitors used for ordering. In the late 1980s, a Sheetz family member was turned onto touch screen technology at a trade show. By 1993, Sheetz debuted touch screen monitors- a true first for the convenience store and restaurant industry, which had previously relied upon handwritten orders. After the introduction of touch screen monitors, customers were able to make customized orders on their own without a staff member. Not only did this streamline the ordering process, but it allowed for staff members to spend more time making quality items than taking orders or dealing with long lines.

A Focus on Sustainability

Few businesses are as focused on sustainability and reducing their ecological footprint than Sheetz. If you’re searching Sheetz near me, know that this company is making great strides in setting an example for others in the industry when it comes to operating an efficient and environmentally sound business. Every Sheetz location uses LED lighting, low flow toilets, double sided printed paper, and recycling. Most Sheetz locations also offer electric vehicle charging stations for individuals who own electric cars such as Tesla or the Chevrolet Volt. Consider Sheetz a gas station that emphasizes innovation and forward thinking. Along with their commitment to futurology, Sheetz also focuses on the communities they serve. All leftover read to eat food items are donated to food banks in the local community rather than being thrown out.

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