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With new movies being released every Friday, finding movie showtimes is the best way to plan out your theater outing in advance. Since every theater is different, some offer showtimes in XD, 3D or standard formats. Often times showtimes for the same movie will differ based on which screen it is being shown on. Prices will also differ based on the movie format you choose.

Are you interested in finding movie showtimes near you? Simply browse movie showtimes near me on the map below and find a list of all of the movies playing near you. Interested in learning more about the movies? Read on for facts, trivia, and so much more! You might just learn something new to share during the previews!

Movie Showtimes Near Me – Find it on the Map

Movie Showtimes Near Me – Movie Showtimes Trivia

True or false: Movie theaters make more off of concessions than the movies themselves.

Like most things in America, the cost of movie tickets has gone up exponentially since the first Nickelodeon theaters arrived back in the early 1900s. What once cost a nickel, can now cost as much as $14.00 depending on what region of the US you live in. With those high costs, you might think that movie theaters are raking in the profits when it comes to popular films and new releases. Strangely, it’s quite the contrary. Consider this as you search movie showtimes near me. According to industry insiders, for the first month or two that a movie screens (given that it’s in theaters more than a month), money from ticket sales goes to the movie studios, not the theater itself. This is why many theaters tend to put more stock into showing blockbusters and big films rather than small indie flicks. Blockbusters stay in theaters longer, thus eventually earning profit for the theater itself. In order to make up costs incurred, theaters rely heavily on concession stands to make money. This is why concessions tend to be so overpriced at the theater. Popcorn costs almost nothing to make, but that won’t stop a theater from charging upwards of $9.00 for a small bag. Speaking of popcorn, want to know why theaters always smell so good? The popcorn actually has chemicals in it to fill the theater with that buttery and warm aroma.

movie showtimes near me

No matter what time of day, you can almost always find a movie playing near you!

True or false: Concession combo deals can actually cost you more money.

One way many of us try to save money while at the movies is buying those concession combo deals. These combo deals typically boost a small or medium popcorn, a beverage, and some kind of candy or side. It might seem like you’re getting a great deal, but those who work at theaters say otherwise. Consider this as you search movie showtimes near me. Theater workers and owners agree, combination deals aren’t designed to save you money. They’re designed to push more items at once and create an illusion that you’re somehow scoring a great deal. This can lead to higher theater satisfaction amongst customers. In reality, you’d end up paying the same price, perhaps even a little less, if you were to just purchase the items separately. Since the combo deals force you to get a certain size popcorn and soda, you can’t customize your needs, typically causing you to waste more food and money while at the theater. If you are looking to save money while going to the movies, check into theater reward programs. Once you accumulate points, you can typically score free concessions or discounts on snacks and beverages.

Movie Showtimes Near Me – Movie Showtimes Facts

Showtimes Are Not For The Actual Movie

If you’re searching movie showtimes near me, then you’re eager to settle into a plush velvet seat, throw back some popcorn, and enjoy the latest Hollywood flick. What you might not know is that those showtimes do not indicate when the movie itself will start. According to theater owners, movies start late on purpose. The suggested showtime does not indicate the exact minute the movie itself will start, but rather when previews will begin. Though movies start late, they always end on time. This is how ushers always know when to clean up. Theaters suggest that you come in early so you have time to buy concessions, watch commercials, and view previews. On average, a movie goer will have to endure 15 to 20 minutes of trailers. This doesn’t include concessions commercials or the ads that air prior to the showtime. Though some theaters have cut this number down, you’ll likely end up sitting through a sitcom time slot worth of movie previews.

The Newsreel Era

One thing you won’t see when searching movie showtimes near me, is news. Sure, you might have to sit through 20 minutes of previews you’re not interested in but you won’t end up watching newsreels like moviegoers of the past. Before TV became a standard in the American home, most Americans had no choice but to get pressing news from the radio or the daily newspaper. Unfortunately, neither of those sources came with moving pictures that allowed the average American to peer behind the veil of their own lives and into the news of the world. This is why movie theaters used to air a brief newsreel update on current events happening around the world. Newsreels were commonly shown prior to the main feature and was the only way most Americans were able to see actual film footage of events like the Hindenburg explosion or the Olympic games. Newsreels became particularly popular in World War II, when even Hollywood directors took to showing short newsreel style documentaries on the atrocities of war. Nowadays, showing newsreels before a movie is unnecessary. Not only are we bombarded by a 24 hour news cycle on Television, but most of us can get our news from social media, apps, and other modern news outlets.

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