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With millions of people moving every year in the United States, it’s always a small miracle that most moves go smoothly, with few issues to speak of. One of the things that makes this possible is hiring a quality mover. A quality mover can help you to assess your inventory, properly pack/organize, and get everything from A to B with no damage. While it can be tempting to save the dough to move yourself, a great mover is an asset worth their weight in gold.

Ready to find an excellent moving company near you? Simply browse moving company near me on the map below and find a list of movers in your local area. Need a bit more information on moving and movers? Read on for facts, trivia, and more.

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Moving Company Near Me – Moving Company Trivia

How many times will the average American move in their lifetime?

Very few people stay put in one place for their entire lives. Those that stay in the same area, will often move houses or apartments at some point, even if it is just down the street. With that said, just how often does the average American move in their lifetime? Consider this as you search moving company near me. According to statistics, the average American moves 11.7 times in his or her lifetime. What was the worst year for moves in the US? According to the US Census Bureau, the percentage of people who moved in 2016 was at a historic low. Just 11% of Americans made a move that year. The reason? Many people blame political upsets and just a general lack of growth in many regions of the US.

moving company near me

A great moving company can take all the stress out of a big move.

True or false: Women move more than men.

When it comes to gender- who moves more? Do men tend to make big shifts more so than women? Well, the answer might just surprise you. Statistically speaking, ladies move far more often than their male counterparts. Back in 2016, 6.6 million more women moved than males. As far as age goes, who moves the most? The largest age group for moves is those aged 18-34 years old. Makes sense consider this is often a time period of great transition. Within that group, people between the ages of 25 and 29 moved the most. As you search moving company near me, consider how age and gender may just impact how often you move.

What is the most popular moving day of the week?

Is there a day of the week that more people move than any other? Much like there is a most popular day to buy your groceries or put gas in the car, there is also a most popular day of the week to move. What is the most popular moving day of the week? Statistics show that more people move on a Friday than any other day of the week. That is, unless that Friday falls on the first of the month. Oddly enough, most people enjoy moving mid-month, rather than at the beginning or end of a month. What’s the least popular day of the week to move? Sunday. By Sunday, all of the Friday movers are settled into their new homes and enjoying their fresh environment. Which day of the week will you move after searching moving company near me?

Moving Company Near Me – Moving Company Facts

Avoid Packing Costs

There’s one thing most people have in common- they all hate packing. Let’s face it, packing is a total drag. It is also a game of win/lose when it comes to choosing whether or not to pack for yourself or hire a mover. If you’re searching moving company near me, keep these packing costs in mind. If you choose to pack up your belongings yourself, the mover generally can’t be responsible for any damage that occurs during the move. That will be on you. If you have your mover do the packing, you may end up paying inflated prices for both boxes and packing materials. You’ll also be tasked with paying for the time and labor spent packing. If you do chose to hire a mover to pack your items, check to ensure the packer’s experience and the company’s policy on damaged items in transit. While most packers are extraordinarily careful and cognizant of what to put in a box and how to secure those items, there is always the chance that you’ll end up with a packer who simply puts whatever into a box and hopes for the best. Weigh the costs and figure out what’s most important to you in terms of packing. If it’s worth a little extra to have someone do the work, then hire a moving company. If not, pack the goods yourself and then hire a mover to do the heavy lifting.

Hire a Mover, Stress Less

Moving can be a pretty stressful endeavor. Aside from packing up your entire life into a few boxes, you’re also tasked with the stress of entering into an unfamiliar environment for the first time. What was once home will soon just be a memory. One of the greatest benefits of hiring a moving company is that the experience of moving is less stressful overall. In fact, simply searching moving company near me can help to save you from many of the most common moving day stresses. For example, a moving company takes care of getting a truck, parking that truck, and maneuvering it down the highway with all of your things. Moving trucks are difficult to drive and trailers are equally tricky. Simply knowing you won’t have to get behind the wheel of a moving truck can make the cost of any mover well worth the expense. Packing up boxes and the stress of organizing can also be alleviated by a moving company. They’ll take care of the packing and the logistics. All you have to do is show up at your new home base and oversee the operation.

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