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A good payroll person can help to organize your business’s finances and make sure that every employee is paid on time in the correct amount. Payroll workers don’t just crunch the numbers, they also help business stick to financial routines and establish baseline budgets.

Are you interested in finding a payroll person near you? Simply browse payroll near me on the map below and find a list of payroll places in your area. Need a bit more information on payroll? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and much more!

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Payroll Near Me – Payroll Trivia

Who invented the first employee time clock?

One thing that has always helped payroll workers to organize a worker’s wages is the employee time clock. Whether a punch card or a digital time stamp, time clocks can help both employees and payroll personnel to keep track of exactly how many hours an employee has worked in a given week. It’s why the importance of punching in and out has always been stressed at hourly jobs. Ever wondered who invented the first employee time clock? Consider this as you search payroll near me. According to historians the very first employee time clock was built by Willard Legrand Bundy. It earned its first patent in 1891 due to is ingenuity and ability to help streamline the work place. At the time, the invention was dubbed the “workman’s time recorder.” It allowed hour employees to get a fair and accurate reading of their working hours and established record of their time. Salaried employees don’t rely on time clocks to punch in and out, but those who work hourly will still use punch cards, digital time stamps, and more.

payroll near me

A payroll professional can help organize your business finances and keep employees paid.

Are paper payroll checks still a thing?

Depending on the type of job you hold, you may have the luxury of a payroll staff direct depositing your funds into your bank account on payday. This means there’s no need to hit the bank, wait in long lines for a deposit, or holds on your hard earned cash. With the advent of direct deposit, it might seem like paper payroll checks are a thing of the past. Are paper checks still a thing? Consider this as you search payroll near me. Though direct deposit is becoming more and more popular due to its efficiency, many employees do still receive paper checks. This is because around 20% of US households report being “unbanked” or “underbanked.” This means that they either don’t have a checking account or don’t regularly use a checking account. Because of the number of people who don’t have a bank account, many citizens cannot utilize direct deposit as there is no where to place the funds. With a paper check in hand, hourly employees can visit check cashing establishments to get their funds that same day for a minor fee.

Payroll Near Me – Payroll Facts

National Payroll Week

As you search payroll near me, it’s hard to imagine that there might be an entire week dedicated to payroll. After all, it’s not a particularly enthralling subject by any means. Despite this, payroll helps to keep Americans and businesses financially fit. Without a hardworking and dedicated payroll staff, many businesses would truly grind to a halt. So when is National Payroll Week? National Payroll week typically falls in the first or second week of September. It was first designated by the American Payroll Association back in 1996. The week was designed to help celebrate the partnership that exists between American workers, companies, and payroll professionals. The holiday seeks to illuminate the necessity of payroll and the ways in which payroll keeps businesses on track and Americans paid. It’s easy to forget that someone is crunching the numbers behind the scenes, especially when all most of us want is a steady paycheck on a standard basis. Next time it’s National Payroll Week, try giving thanks to the payroll personnel people in your office or place of work. They’ll likely appreciate a bit of gratitude for all of the hard work they do behind the scenes.

Pay Frequency

Ever wondered how Americans get paid in the United States? Consider these facts as you search payroll near me. Many businesses implement different pay frequencies to meet financial needs. What exactly is the most common pay frequency? According to statistics, biweekly paychecks are the most common frequency. A whopping 37% of businesses use a biweekly schedule. This means that employees will receive a paycheck for their hours once every two weeks rather than every Friday. Semi Monthly paychecks come in second at 32%. Of course, most hourly workers are still on a weekly pay schedule. There are some 78.2 million hourly employees in the United States. This represents nearly 60% of all wage and salary workers in the United States. Hourly employees are not guaranteed a certain amount every week. Instead, wage is based upon the actually hours completed. If you work 39 hours instead of 40, expect to be docked for that missing hour. In contrast, salaried employees will receive the same paycheck every week no matter how many hours they actually worked (given that they have paid time off to utilize). For the most part even if a salaried worker only works 6 of 8 hours a day, they’ll get paid for a full day’s work.

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