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Sitting down for a meal or grabbing a snack is often the best time of the day. Finding the right place to eat or a joint that’s really going to hit the spot is easier said than done. When searching for a place to eat, keep three key things in mind: price, location, and food type. Once you’ve narrowed down what you want and how much you’re willing to spend, you can make a sound decision without even the slightest tinge of regret.

Ready to find a place to eat near you? Simply browse place to eat near me on the map below and find a list of places to eat in your local area. Need a bit more help finding the perfect place to eat? Read on for top picks, facts, and trivia. You’ll find the right place to grab a bite in no time.

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Place to Eat Near Me – Place to Eat Trivia

How much does the average person spend eating out per month?

When searching place to eat near me, one of the deciding factors in choosing a great place to eat is cost. You don’t want to settle on a restaurant or fast-food joint only to realize you don’t have the funds to cover your meal. That takes you back to square one and can feel a bit embarrassing. Still, there are plenty of restaurants and dining establishments to suit any budget. The proof? Americans like to spend a lot of money eating out every month. Even those who have cited making under the median national income. How much does the average person spend eating out every month? According to statistics, the average citizen will spend around $233 per month eating meals prepared outside of the home. This figure is often lower in rural areas and far higher in urban areas where eating out is a regular part of a weekly routine. The average meal purchased outside of the home costs just $12.75. Of course, you’ll spend more on an “average meal” in NYC than you will in Tulsa. So know your area and figure out your budget accordingly.

place to eat near me

No matter where you live you can always find a great place to eat!

Does eating out cost more?

Here’s an argument people will never stop having or debating on: does eating out cost more than staying in? Some will say that eating out costs less and involves less waste. You also save on time, which is a valuable resource in its own right. Others cite that eating out costs far more. As you search place to eat near me, consider the facts on cooking at home versus going out. Broken down, the figures look like this. The cost to make four full meals at home is around $6.41 per meal. That’s not bad per person and is less than half the cost of eating out. For example, a simple chicken dinner for one costs between $6 and $8 when made at home, but the takeout version can cost closer to $13 or $15 per person. Where you do stand on the take out versus eat in debate? Do you believe that the time saved is worth the extra money spent. In many ways, we most certainly do!

Place to Eat Near Me – Place to Eat Facts

What’s the best chain restaurant?

This one might end up with a bit of debate, but based on statistics, the best chain restaurant in the US is Texas Roadhouse. Sorry vegans, this chain won’t do you much good if you’re searching place to eat near me. What makes Texas Roadhouse so great? Ever since it opened its doors in 1993, Texas Roadhouse has gained a cult following. This is evidenced by surging sales and an increase in franchise locations. In 2015, the brand raked in a whopping $2 billion in profit. This western-themed family restaurant is known for offering iconic hand cut steaks, tender ribs, huge sides, and unlimited fresh baked bread with cinnamon butter. While you’re waiting to take a seat or simply to dive into some appetizers, you’ll be given a bucket of peanuts to munch on. And the shells? Well just toss em’ on to the ground. That’s what being at Texas Roadhouse is all about. Thanks to a casual atmosphere and a whole lot of fun, people like to dine at Texas Roadhouse because it makes them feel good and promotes a sense of “doing something fun” rather than just eating a meal.

A Budget Friendly Place To Eat

Looking for a place to eat near me that won’t break the bank? Give Cheddar’s Scratch Kitchen a try. Named from its commitment to “scratch made recipes” that are built fresh with each order, this Texas based chain actually hires twice as many cooks as similar chains in order to achieve fresh foods without compromising service in a timely manner. Cheddar’s currently offers very traditional American cuisine. Think of eating there like a Sunday dinner at mom’s kitchen, minus the family arguments around the table and inquiries into your love life. With options such as grilled baja chicken and lemon pepper whitefish, everyone can get a little taste of home at Cheddars. The best part of the whole deal? The price! The average guest check typically comes in at just $12.75. A great home cooked meal under $20? We think you’ve just found the best place to eat near you.

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