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When hunger strikes, finding a place to fill your food needs can be difficult. In a country that offers cuisines from every corner of the world, ranging from high end to on a budget, narrowing down your cravings can be a bit of a chore. Luckily, there aren’t exactly any shortages of places to eat in the United States.

Whether you live in a big city or a small town, every place has offerings to suit your needs. Interested in finding places to eat near you? Browse the map below and search places to eat near me. You’ll find an approximate map of places to eat in your area. Interested in learning a bit more about restaurants and places to eat? Read on for trivia and facts! Finding places to eat has never been easier.

Places To Eat Near Me – Find it on the Map

Places To Eat Near Me – Places To Eat Trivia

True or false: 1 in 4 Americans eats fast food everyday.

True! While seeking places to eat near me, you might come across more than a few fast food offerings. As a staple in nearly every American city, these restaurants offer budget friendly food in a timely manner. Because of the low cost and high availability, statistics show that 1 in 4 Americans eat some kind of fast food everyday. While this might be good for the American restaurant industry, it might not be so good for the average waistline! As the saying goes, everything in moderation!

places to eat near me

Famous Dave’s Restaurant in Mountainside, New Jersey. This restaurant is known for its fun atmosphere!

Where is the world’s largest restaurant?

Unfortunately if you’re searching places to eat near me in America, you won’t be eating at the world’s largest restaurant anytime soon. Just where is the world’s largest dining establishment located? Damascus, Syria! The Bawabet Damascus Restaurant, which translates to Damascus Gate Restaurant has a whopping 6,014 seats. How many of those seats are filled daily? That’s a secret only this oversized restaurant knows.

Where did the word restaurant originate?

If you’re searching to find places to eat near me, you might just be wondering where the word restaurant first originated, especially since it holds such a big place in the American vernacular. While it may not come as a surprise, the word restaurant first originated in France. It was first used to describe the rich bouillons served at taverns and public houses in France. It was believed to restore the spirits and relieve ailments. We think a restaurant can still do that to this day. Do you believe that a restaurant can really sooth the soul and appease ailments?

What percent of American meals are eaten in the car?

Perhaps while searching places to eat near me, you’re looking to go through a drive thru. If so, you’re not alone. A whopping of 20% of all American meals are reportedly eaten in the car. Many attribute this to the ease of hitting a drive thru on a lunch break or during the morning hours and quickly scarfing it down on the commute.

Places To Eat Near Me – Places To Eat Facts

The Average American Spends $2,505.00 Per Year Eating Out

If you’re searching places to eat near me, you’re one of millions who will eat out this year. According to the USDA, Americans spend a little over $2500 dining out every year. While this figure might not seem awfully high considering the US population, it’s only the average. American’s drop $8 billion on dining just on Valentine’s Day alone.

The French Revolution Invented Fine Restaurants

If you’re wondering how fine dining came to be, don’t lose your head, you’ve come to the right place. After Marie Antoinette and Louis XVI respectively lost their heads during the brutal French Revolution, the aristocracy fell apart and the high end chefs once employed by royals and noble households, found themselves out of a job. Many of these down on their luck chefs decided to open their own restaurants and offer prix fixe meals to hungry citizens. Eventually this French style of eating spread to Britain and eventually to the United States during the American revolution.

The World’s Most Expensive Burger Costs $5,000 Dollars

If you’re searching places to eat near me, you might not be looking to drop $5,000 on a single burger, but someone is! The world’s most expensive burger costs $5,000 and can be found at Fleur de Lys at Mandalay Bay, in Las Vegas. This is far from being the only costly burger though, the 666 Food Truck in New York City offers a burger topped with foie gras, truffles, and himalayan salt for $666. Paris, Las Vegas offers a $777 burger that is mixed with Maine lobster, imported brie cheese, crispy prosciutto, and 100 year aged balsamic.

The Oldest Restaurant in the US Is Located In Boston

Since 1826, the Union Oyster House in Boston, MA has been serving up fresh oysters and more seafood offerings to American citizens. The Union Oyster House prides itself on keeping a traditional menu and even more traditional digs, paying homage to the city and time period that made it great. If you’re lucky enough to land near the Oyster House while searching places to eat near me, consider yourself lucky!

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