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While many modern consumers are choosing to shop online instead of in a physical brick and mortar store, a majority of American consumers still enjoy the thrill and experience of shopping at a physical store. Whether you’re looking for a box store, department store, or even a boutique; American shopping has something to offer to every American consumer no matter what their budget may be.

Are you interested in finding shopping near you? Simply browse shopping near me on the map below and find the closest shopping centers to your location. Need a bit more information? Read on for facts, trivia, and statistics on shopping.

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Shopping Near Me – Shopping Trivia

What do American shoppings actually crave?

While searching shopping near me, you might be wondering what the average American is looking for in terms of a shopping experience. The answer may seem like low prices or bargains, but what the average American wants more than that is empowerment. American shoppers want to feel as if their opinions matter. They want to know that their feedback is being considered and not just thrown to the wayside. While this might seem like such a petty thing for a consumer to want, it actually means everything. When a product is purchased, a consumer wants to know that their needs were in mind in some capacity, even if it’s just overall quality.

shopping near me

American malls take up a great deal of space in the retail sector and account for billions in sales.

True or false: According to recent studies, Americans do not like aspirational advertising.

True! Aspirational advertising showcases luxury in wealth in hopes that lower classes will purchase those products in an attempt to feel closer to that way of life. While this type of advertising may work for some, a majority of consumers find it to be demanding and a bit pompous. If you want luxury that’s one thing, if luxury is highly out of reach and something you can only “aspire” to one day have, then shoppers aren’t going to head to those kinds of stores.

True or false: Women make up more than two thirds of all US mall shoppers.

This one is true! If you’re a woman searching shopping near me, you’re with the majority of women who like to search and do their shopping physically. Statistics also show that female shoppers will spend an average of 10 minutes more per visit in a mall or shopping center than their male counterparts.

True or false: American shoppers have trust issues.

This one reigns true. Since the recession hit the states in 2008, consumers have had a bit of difficulty in trusting authority, especially in terms of money and shopping. Shopping has been slow to wake up and return to its precession highs, and although much of this has to do with a lagging job market, a great deal has to do with trust. If an American consumer can’t trust the powers that be, they’ll never form a healthy relationship with the economy and shopping.

Shopping Near Me – Shopping Facts

Customer Reviews Reign Supreme

If you’re searching shopping near me, you’re probably like most Americans in that you’ve done a bit of research regarding the products you want to buy. Most Americans will not buy big ticket or expensive items without first reading customer reviews online. These reviews can often make or break an item, so much so, that some companies pay writers to craft positive reviews. While retailers like Amazon are putting the hammer down on such acts, it surely still happens. Despite this, customer reviews and photos can truly influence a consumer from buying or not buying an item.

Keeping the Attention of Shoppers

In a digital age where consumers are constantly being inundated with updates, status retweets, and upvotes; it can be hard for businesses to keep the attention of a consumer as they shop in a store. Because of this, many brick and mortar stores have begun to lace technological aspects into their stores. For example, some stores will custom fit clothes with the help of a 3D body scan, others now offer VR headsets to get a bigger picture as to how an outfit will look. By integrating technology and even offering apps that place the store in your hand, brick and mortar establishments are helping to bring in foot traffic that wouldn’t typically set foot in the store.

Fast Facts on Shopping

While searching shopping near me, keep these fast facts in mind. They could prove an invaluable tool on your next shopping trip. Not to mention, these facts could prove handy in impressing your friends.

There are a whopping 109,500 shopping centers located in the United States. They range in size from small convenience to large regional malls.

1.Shopping centers account for 9.3% of the total jobs available in the US.

2.Malls currently account for 17.9% of all shopping center space.

3.Consumer spending accounts for 70% of the total GDP in the US.

4. US shopping retail stores accumulate around 2 trillion in sales every single year

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