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Americans love to shop, browse, and simply spend some time looking at new items up for sale. Whether you’re looking to shop for food, clothing, or even books, there are shops to help meet every need you have. Shopping in a store might not be as popular as it once was, but it’s still a great way to get out of the house and find something you may not have even had in mind.

Are you interested in finding shops near you? Simply browse shops near me on the map below and find a list of shops in your area. Need some more information on shopping? Read on for interesting facts, tips, trivia and more.

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When did the first shopping catalog first appear?

Shopping catalogs may be less popular today than in years past, but at a certain point in time, shopping out of a catalog was the trend to follow. Women and men loved pursuing the glossy curated pages of a seasonal catalog, finding inspiration and new trends buried deep within the pages. Catalogs aren’t quite as relevant in the modern day though they do still exist. When exactly did the first shopping catalog appear? Consider this as you search shops near me. According to retail historians, the very first shopping catalog made its debut in the 1400s. This is when an Italian publisher named Aldus Manutius compiled a catalog filled with hundreds of books the he produced for sale. He passed the catalog out at town fairs, street markets, and to anyone who was willing to take a gander.

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Shopping centers make finding what you need easier and more convenient.

What’s the oldest shopping mall in the world?

Shopping malls might seem like a total product of the 80s, but long before teen girls were stalking their crushes in front of a Macy’s, people were gathering at what could be considered ancient malls. Where can one find the oldest shopping mall in the world? Historians have found that the world’s first shopping mall was likely first conceived in 112 CE. This is when Emperor Trajan began construction the largest imperial forum in Rome. Romans were known for their large marketplaces, but this forum put smaller markets to shame. The forum housed a variety of shops, services, and two massive libraries. Today, the Trajan Market is still regarded as the oldest shopping mall in the world. Who knew consumerism went so far back in time?

Which nation invented paper money?

You can’t search shops near me if you don’t have any money to spend! Which nation is largely credited with inventing the easy to carry paper money that most nations use today? You might be inclined to think the United States was behind this modern innovation, but in actuality, the Chinese are credited with inventing paper money. At first, many people were hesitant to use paper money, fearing that it was easy to counterfeit. This lead to a warning being written right on the Chinese currency that all counterfeiters would face decapitation.

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Can shopping lists sabotage your budget?

While on your quest to find shops near me, you’ll likely run into several guides advising you to take a list along to the store. After all, lists are intended to help you stay organized and on track in terms of both the items you buy and the amount of money you spend. While lists can help you stay mentally focused on what you need, it can also make you more likely to buy unrelated items. According to studies, a shopper who first purchases something that is on his or her shopping list is actually more likely to buy unrelated items later on. Many treat using the list as a goal and buying items not on the list is seen as a reward for responsibility. This is made even easier by the fact that most stores are designed to make you lose track of time and go into aisles that aren’t even on your list. By removing clocks and having windows only at the front of the store, your view from the outside is blocked, making it easy to lose track of time. Many stores will also place staple items such as bread and milk in the very back of the store so that one has to walk the entire length of the shop (viewing many impulse buys along the way) before they can pick up the necessities.

Inspired by European Markets

As you search shops near me, you might run into several shopping centers or markets that house many types of shops in one convenient area. The idea for these types of malls and centers was first inspired by European markets. When renowned architect Victor Gruen was first asked to design a shopping center in Minnesota in 1952, he went back to his roots for inspiration. Rather than looking toward the future, Gruen looked to his home city of Vienna for inspiration on both design and look. As a results, Southdale Center was considered America’s first large scale indoor mall. With 75 shops occupying two levels of retail space, the complex made it easier for shoppers to bounce around from store to store without having to drive or brave the elements. At the very center of the mall, Guren included a European piazza. A lush indoor court that included sculptures, plantlife, fountains, and even goldfish ponds. The addition of the courtyard not only helped to sell the vision of unique indoor shopping centers, but it made the mall seem like a place where people could both relax and socialize. Gruen’s design was so popular that malls all across America used Southdale as a source of inspiration for decades to come.

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