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The holidays might be over, but finding stores open near you is still just as easy as it was before. Though many stores won’t have the extended hours that they boasted during the months of November/December, many still boast reasonable hours that are convenient to every consumer.

Are you interested in finding stores open near you? Simply browse stores open near me on the map below and find a list of stores open near you. Need a bit more information on stores, shopping, and saving money? Read on for interesting facts, tips, and more!

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Stores Open Near Me – Stores Open Trivia

When was the oldest customer service complaint written?

If you think complaining about your shopping trip is a relatively new thing, think again! According to some historians, the oldest customer service complaint predates many modern inventions. Just how old is the oldest complaint ever written? Consider this as you search stores open near me. The oldest customer service complaint was reportedly written on a clay cuneiform tablet back in Mesopotamia some 4,000 years ago. On the tablet, a customer named Nanni complained that he was sold sub par copper ingots. Who knew being a dissatisfied shopper could go so far back?

stores open near me

Finding a store open near you has never been easier!

Are stores designed to make you lose track of time?

Ever find yourself losing track of time while on a shopping excursion? You’re certainly not alone. In fact, some experts have revealed that malls and stores are intentionally designed to make shoppers lose track of time. If you’re searching stores open near me, odds are that you’ve noticed that stores never boast clocks or windows to the outside of world. This makes it hard to discern what time it is unless you happen to check a watch or sell phone. This “disorientation” is known as the Gruen Transfer and its used to keep shoppers in store as long as possible.

Who is most likely to help people in need?

You might not think that helping people in need has anything to do with your shopping habits, but statistics certainly say otherwise. Ever wondered who is the most and least likely to help individuals in need? Consider this as you search stores open near me. According to studies done on social influence, individuals who shop at or window shop at luxury stores are less likely to help people in need than those that shop at more budget friendly shops. The reasoning isn’t exactly clear, but some speculate that luxury buyers tend to be more focused on their own wants and needs than those who have bigger budgetary restrictions. Do you think that luxury buyers are more focused on material items than most? Sound off below and let your voice be heard.

Stores Open Near Me – Stores Open Facts

A Personal Mini-Mall?

Ever wondered what the rich and famous do with all of their earnings? While most celebrities and CEOS will buy homes, cars, and vacation properties, few boast the quirky habits of Barbara Streisand. This theater queen and vocal legend actually had a personal mini-mall installed in her basement. Reportedly, Streisand quickly tired of storing things away in her basement. Rather than packing her items up into boxes and shoving them into the damp corners of a storage area, she decided to make a street full of shops in order to display all of her favorite items. With your own personal mini-mall, you’d never have to search stores open near me! Would you ever build a mini mall to display all of your favorite things?

Is shopping online better for the environment?

Protecting the environment and helping to decrease the global carbon footprint is on the mind of many eco-conscious citizens just looking to do their part. This can lead to a lot of information and misinformation as to what is eco-friendly and what isn’t. When it comes to shopping, one common idea is that shopping online is far better for the environment than stepping foot in a physical brick and mortar store. How much truth is there to that statement? Consider this as you search stores open to me. Most experts agree that shopping online is not necessarily greener than just driving to the estore. In fact, some researchers have concluded that online shopping actually has bigger impact on the transportation sector than the public might assume. While you might not be driving to the store and putting emissions into the air, fleets of trucks, airplanes, and other vehicles are put into use to help transport packages from coast to coast.

Looking to Save A Few Bucks?

Looking to save a few bucks while searching stores open near me? You might want to trade in your sneakers for heels. According to statistics, individuals who shop in high heels make far more balanced buying decisions than those wearing sneakers or flats. Though the reasoning is not totally clear, some suspect it might be the discomfort of wearing heels and the urgency of wanting to get things done in a far more convenient manner.

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