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Cabs and taxi services are a great way of getting around town or to the airport without the stress or hassle of driving yourself. Depending on where you live, a cab can be the fastest option for getting from point A to point B. Many individuals depend on cab services to get through everyday life.

Are you interested in finding a cab service in your area? Simply browse cab service near me on the map below and find a list of cab services in your area. Need more information on cab services? Read on for facts, trivia, and information on cabs!

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When did taxis and cabs first emerge?

If you’re searching cab service near me, you may be surprised to discover that taxis actually date way back to the 17th century in Europe. At this time, individuals hired horse drawn hackney carriages to travel across urban areas such a London, Paris, and several other major European cities. In the past few people could afford a taxi service. Typically merchants, innkeepers, and elites were the only classes able to employ a cab or coach service. In the 1800s, carriage services saw the introduction of a faster model known as the hansom cab. Joseph Hansom is credited with designing a smaller lighter carriage that only required one horse to pull it. Because of this, coaches were able to more easily travel through tight city streets and avoid any traffic. This allowed cab services to increase in popularity throughout Europe as it was seen as much faster and efficient form of transportation. When Karl Benz invented the automobile in the 19th century and new technology was improved significantly, motorized taxis became a reality .By the end of 1897, Walter C. Bersey had created a line of motorized taxi cabs in London. During this same time period, Samuel’s Electric Carriage and Wagon Company of New York City began to employ a similar vehicle fleet to transport patrons around town.

cab service near me

Finding a cab service in your area has never been easier.

When were checkered cabs first introduced?

While you’re searching cab services near me, you may be wondering when the iconic checkered cabs were first introduced. The Checkered Cab Manufacturing Company designed black and white checkered strips that were found on the side of yellow cabs. The strips ran right down the side and became a notorious feature in New York City cab culture for many years. As taxis became more popular and affordable, cab companies also had to change to meet safety regulations. Suddenly guidelines and passenger regulations were introduced in New York to make cab service safer for passengers and more fair for drivers. Not only did these guidelines ensure that passengers were safe, they guaranteed that drivers would receive a fair amount of compensation and that the passengers would only pay acceptable prices. New York is largely credited with revolutionizing modern cab service. By implementing regulations, the industry as a whole grew. By 1950, more than 12,000 taxicabs were serving New York City. As time went on, taxis spread across the nation. Residents of nearly every major city in the US could find those iconic yellow checkerboard cabs hearkening for passengers on the street.

Cab Service Near Me – Cab Service Facts

Hailing a Cab

Anyone who has visited a major city, knows that hailing a cab is often easier said than done. Consider these facts while searching cab service near me. While you can now set up to have a cab service pick you up at the touch of a button on your smartphone, this was not always the case. In the past, if you wanted to hail a cab, the only way was to stick your arm out when the taxi was approaching. Though this was often successful, many cabs would drive by patrons, fail to see them, or already have a passenger in tow. In many cities, cabs have a light on top that displays the word “Taxi.” This means that they are available for hire and don’t currently have a passenger. If the light is switched off, the cab is currently off duty or already has a passenger. Some individuals also took to yelling “Taxi” at a moving cab. Unfortunately in cities like London, this is technically against the law. The easiest way to hire a cab service in the modern day? The internet of course. Several apps, websites, and booking services offer simple ways to book a cab service, choose a pick up time, and even compare prices prior to getting in the cab.

Yellow Cabs

What’s the history behind yellow cabs? The answer may not be what you think. In 1915, a Chicago entrepreneur named John Hertz opened the first Yellow Cab Company. In order to unify his fleet, Hertz had commissioned a local university study to discover which color would stand out the strongest at a distance. According to Hertz’s biographer, yellow won, with many researchers agreeing that yellow easily the most visible color. Of course, some say that it’s actually chartreuse that the eye is able to most easily detect. While the story of the yellow cab is logical, Hertz was not the first to paint his cabs yellow. In fact, yellow taxis had already existed in many American cities prior to 1915. A businessman named Albert Rockwell was operating a fleet of yellow cabs as early as 1909. While Hertz made the decision to paint his cabs yellow due to scientific research, Rockwell allegedly chose to paint his cabs yellow because it was his wife’s favorite color. What color car will you ride in after searching cab service near me?

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    I need a cab from 2879 Ballard road Luverne al to lester Hill dentistry clinic in montgomery al as soon as I make an appointment but I need to know how much it will cost me from Luverne to montgomery

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    To, Ms. Angelic. My name is, Robert. I am interested in becoming a cab driver. I spoke with a lady by the name of, Ms.Johnson. I mentioned to her it’s been since 2009 since I was employed anywhere. I do receive SSI, but have a green light to work. Please get back in touch with me soon.

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