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When our shoes become worn or damaged, the first instinct is often to toss them and buy a new pair. But if you’ve invested a lot of money or simply love that style, this can be a waste of both your hard earned cash and a beloved item. If you have a pair of shoes in need of repair, don’t throw them out, seek the services of a cobbler. From resoling to repair, a cobble is trained to make every pair of shoes look brand new.

Ready to find a great and qualified cobbler near you? Simply browse cobbler near me on the map below and find a great cobbler near you. Need a bit more information on cobblers? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and more!

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Cobbler Near Me – Cobbler Trivia

True or false: Using a cobbler is eco-friendly.

Want to do your part to help the environment? You might want to start by looking down at the shoes on your feet or the few pairs in your closet. The reason? Every year, millions of pairs of shoes fill up landfills and garbage dumpsters. Most shoes contain materials that do not break down over time. This means those same shoes will sit there probably longer than you’re on this earth. When you choose to search cobbler near me to repair rather than replace, you’re keeping your old shoes from littering the earth. Shoes are hardy, especially pairs that are made of quality materials to begin with. Rather than tossing a pair of shoes, seek the services of a cobbler first and discover what they can do with your shoes!

cobbler near me

A great cobbler can easily fix your favorite pair of shoes!

True or false: Cobblers can improve both the function and style on a pair of shoes.

Say you have a pair of shoes that are a bit dated. Can a cobbler improve the style? Yes, one-hundred percent. A cobbler can do little things to update the overall style of a shoe. Additionally, a cobbler can improve the overall function of your shoes. One of the most popular reasons why people search cobbler near me is to improve the overall function or adapt a pair of shoes to a given season. For example, a cobbler can replace leather sole with rubber soles, ensuring that the outside of the shoes are waterproof during the winter. Speaking of waterproofing, a cobbler can also waterproof your shoes to ensure they do not take on any damage during wet seasons such as winter or spring. A great cobbler can also take on the task of cleaning hard to clean shoes, making them look just like new!

Can visiting a cobbler save you money?

What puts some people off of searching cobbler near me is the idea that hiring a cobbler is expensive. Quite the contrary. In fact, visiting a cobbler can end up saving you money. Quality shoes are expensive. On average, a good pair of shoes can cost between $70 and $200. The cost only goes up from there, especially if you factor specific designers into the mix. On average, the cost of hiring a cobbler to repair shoes is much lower than purchasing a new pair, especially if you’re getting something relatively simple done. For example, even having a pair of shoes re-soled will only cost around $50-$70. If the shoes themselves cost above that, then you’re saving money.

Cobbler Near Me – Cobbler Facts

When did shoemakers first arrive in America?

Shoemakers and cobblers have always had a vital role in keeping society running smoothly, especially in the early days. When did shoemakers first arrive in the US? Believe it or not, the very first cobblers arrived in America at Jamestown back in 1610. The trade was thriving as early as 1616. In 1661, it was directed by the Virginia Assembly that each county was to erect one or more tanneries and shoe manufacturers. It also sought to impose tariffs on leather and all shoes exported from Virginia. This was to control speculation in the local shoe trade. As you search cobbler near me, know that this profession is old, even in the United States!

Where does the word cobbler come from?

When you think of cobbler, you might think of that famous peach dessert made in a skillet. Yet, shoe cobblers are probably even more famous. Boot and shoemakers from all walks of life are referred to as “cobblers.” Yet, the word cobbler itself is probably more aptly applied to shoe repairman. Those who actually make footwear are known as “cordwainers.” This term stems from the word “cordovan” which was simply a reddish leather produced in Spain. Anyone who worked in “Cordovan” was a Cordwainer. Shoemakers who made custom shoes are known as “bespoke” makers. So as you search cobbler near me, are you going to find shoe repairman or shoemakers? Probably a bit of both. Nowadays, cobbler is just a catch all term for anyone who makes or repairs shoes. Though it may not technically be historically correct, it is easier than functioning off all the different types of shoe makers there truly are today!

Can you repair your flip flops?

When it comes to shoes, most of us love a comfortable pair of flip flops, so much so that it wouldn’t be out of line to want to preserve your favorite pair. Can you repair your flip flops at a cobbler? Consider this as you search cobbler near me. You can in fact have a quality pair of flip flops repaired! While it may not be worthwhile to get your $1 pair repaired, pricier designer flip flops can easily be repaired by a qualified cobbler. Expensive flip flops are made with high quality rubber. This rubber can easily be resoled to give you back your favorite pair of shoes!

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