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While many view junkyards as being a cemetery for used scraps, automobiles, and other old consumer goods, it is actually a place where metal and other valuable times can go and soon be resurrected into something new.

Are you interested in finding a scrap yard near you? Simply browse scarp yard near me on the map below and find a list of scrap yards located in a close proximity to your current location. Need a bit more information on scrap yards? Read on for interesting facts, trivia, and history on scrap yards in the US and abroad!

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Scarp Yard Near Me – Scarp Yard Trivia

Where is Old Car City?

One can’t possibly touch on the topic of scrap yards without mentioning Old Car City. Dubbed the world’s largest scrap yard, Old Car City first began in 1931 as a general store. The store was opened by the family of current owner Dean Lewis. Lewis’ parents aran the store in the town of White, Georgia, selling items ranging from clothing to car parts, tires, and even gasoline. When the United States entered World War II in 1941, many resources such as steel and tires became very scarce as these supplies were directed toward the war effort. With the need for scrap metals, the Lewis family made the wise decision to shift their business into scrapping cars and other objects made of metal. By the late 1940s, the general store had morphed into a true auto salvage yard. Dean Lewis eventually took complete control over the family business and in 1970 he began acquiring various wrecked and junked vehicles without the intent to scrap them. The yard became an homage to days gone by. To the classic cars once loved, only to be tossed aside. The property currently holds more than 4,000 cars. According to some statistics, there are more cars in Old Car City than there are people in the town of White, Georgia. Three separate lots contain the scars, which are scattered across 34 acres. Behind the main building there are more than 6.5 miles of walking trails, all intent on transporting visitors back in time. As you search scarp yard near me, consider how Old Car City is not only adjusting the view on scrap yards everywhere, but welcoming people to visit the world of scrapping.

scarp yard near me

Scrap yards can be a great way to find used auto parts, home parts, and more!

True or false: Some scrap yards offer inventory maps.

The days of the disorganized and intimidating junk yard are gone, nowadays, many junk store owners are more than willing to help patrons find car parts and other salvageable materials. If you’re looking for something in particular as you search scarp yard near me, go ahead and check your local salvage yard website for inventory tracking. Many will also offer you an inventory map so that you can easily locate the cars and parts they may be of interest to you. If you’re looking for bumper end caps on an old Jeep or something equally particular, check with your local junk yard prior

Scarp Yard Near Me – Scarp Yard Facts

Entrance Fees

One thing to keep in mind while searching scarp yard near me is that many of the more modern and organized scrap yards will charge you an entrance fee. Once you get to the scrap yard, there’s typically a window with an attendee who will ask you to sign a liability form. This is a release that frees the yard of any responsibility should you fall sustain any kind of injury while in the junk yard or attempting to salvage some parts. The form also allows those working in the scrap yard to keep track everyone who is in the yard. This helps them out come closing time. Entrance fees are typically between one and two dollars, but some have been known to charge more or less. Not every scrap yard will charge an entrance fee. More informal yards will typically let you wander around freely without the need for forms or fees. If you’re unsure of any fees prior to going, call up your local yard and inquire openly.

Two Types Of Junk Yards

After searching scarp yard near me, you’ll quickly learn that there are two main types of scrap yards that you will encounter -you pick and full service. At a you pick scrap yard, customers bring their own tools and are personally tasked with wrestling parts from any derelict cars they might come across. Full service yards will pull the requested items and deliver them to the front desk for you, where payment is collected. Typically a full service yard will come with many added costs. Not only will you be paying for the price of the part, but you’ll also be tasked with paying fees for the individual who wrestled that part out for you. Most individuals prefer do it yourself type yards, which offer endless opportunities for exploration and a bit of do it yourself type of satisfaction. The low operating costs of a do it yourself yard also make these businesses far more frequent in nature than the full service yards. If you’re looking to save money and have a bit of time on your hands, a do it yourself yard is definitely your best bet. If you’re looking for a specific part but don’t want to get your hands dirty, your best bet will definitely be a full service yard where most of the laborious work is done for you.

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