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In 1983, Starbucks marketing director Howard Schultz took a trip to Milan, Italy. While exploring the food rich city, he realized that the city was home to over 1500 coffee bars. With this, the idea of the coffee house popped into Schultz’s head. Four years later, Schultz acquired Starbucks- which had previously only sold ground coffee in bags- and turned it into a six store operation, which eventually lead Starbucks to becoming the global phenomenon it is today.

Whether you love Starbucks for their selection fair trade coffees, talented baristas, or seasonal offerings; odds are you’ve made this coffee chain your home away from home on more than one occasion. With a calm and warm environment, it’s easy to see why. Interested in finding a Starbucks near your current location? Simply browse “Starbucks near me” on the map below and locate a Starbucks location near you. Need a bit more information on the world’s greatest coffee chain? Read on for fast facts about the company and Starbucks trivia. Coffee lovers unite!

Starbucks Near Me – Find it on the Map

Starbucks Near Me – Starbucks Trivia

True or false: The tables at Starbucks are round for a reason.

Perhaps you’re searching “Starbucks near me” because you’re seeking a quiet work place or just somewhere to hunker down for a few hours. If so, you’re not alone. Starbucks prides itself on being a place where an individual can spend a few hours reading, writing, or catching up on work. They placed such an emphasis on the individual that they purposely made all of their tables round instead of square. The reason? Psychologists have suggested that round tables make people feel less lonely than square tables. In the end, Starbucks simply doesn’t want you to feel alone when hanging out in their coffee houses.

starbucks near me

The Starbucks store at 1912 Pike Place. This is the second location of the original Starbucks chain.

True or false: Starbucks employees never let brewed pots sit for more than 30 minutes.

Odds are if you’re searching “Starbucks near me” you love a seriously excellent cup of coffee. Starbucks knows this and has dedicated themselves to ensuring that every customer is served an amazing cup of coffee. Unlike many chains, Starbucks employees are never allowed to let a brewed pot sit for more than 30 minutes, as this can change the flavor of coffee. The store also prides itself on never using artificially flavored grounds. But what truly makes so many Starbucks stores great is the implementation of Clover technology. Clover is a machine engineered by Stanford that shoots coffee grounds upward with precise water temperatures. The results is a peerless experience.

True or false: Starbucks has a ban on smells.

When you’re in a Starbucks, the brand wants your focus to being on the smell of freshly ground coffee, not perfume or cologne. This is why the brand banned its employees from wearing perfume or cologne while on the job. Starbucks also banned smoking within their stores way back in the 1980s. This was before the smoking ban was commonplace and many smokers still enjoyed a drag or two in their favorite restaurants and cafes. Starbucks views a trip to their store
as not only an experience in taste, but an experience in your other senses as well. We can’t say it isn’t nice!

Starbucks Near Me – Starbucks Facts

Starbuck’s Expansion Shows No Signs Of Slowing

For any town that has ever complained of a lack of Starbucks locations in their area, the problem may not persist for long. Odds are if you’re searching Starbucks near me, you’re in a similar boat. Starbucks wants to make their brand accessible to as many people as possible within the next ten years. Soon they’ll be as many Starbucks in China and abroad as their are in New York City. In fact, the brand has opened an average of two stores somewhere in the world everyday since 1987. At that rate, every town big and small will get to enjoy the delicious tastes of Starbucks.

The Most Popular Starbucks Drink

While favorites can vary wildly from state to state and seasonally, Starbucks has concluded that their most popular drink overall is their frozen Caramel Macchiato Frappuccino. Seasonal favorites include the Pumpkin Spice Latte during the autumn months and the Gingerbread Latte during the holiday season. Of course the most popular menu item at every Starbucks? A plain old brewed coffee. You can’t argue with a classic!

Fast Facts About Starbucks

When searching Starbucks near me, it’s important that you have all of your facts about this amazing chain perfectly straight. Not only will you be able to impress your friends, but you’ll enter your next Starbucks feeling like a champ.

1.Starbucks employees a whopping 137,000 employees. This is twice the population of Greenland.

2. There are currently over 1,000 Starbucks stores in China.

3. Starbucks was founded by two teachers and a writer.

4. The name “Starbucks” was inspired by Moby Dick.

5. The Pumpkin Spice Latte was invented by a Stanford basketball player.

6. Paul McCartney ditched his longtime label to make music for Starbucks.

7. The CIA has its own Starbucks location.

8. Over the next few years Starbucks will begin selling beer and wine.

9. There’s a Starbucks secret menu and a secret size.

10. Starbuck’s stock share used to be a measly $17.

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