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Need a sharp, expertly done haircut for the holiday season? Maybe you just want to switch up your style, or trim up the cut you already have or need to replenish your hair products? Look no further than the professionals at your local Supercuts location. Search for Supercuts Near Me to find Supercuts in your area.

Supercuts is staffed with highly trained stylists who love what they do. Offering products from the likes of Biolage, American Crew, Paul Mitchell, and more; perfectionist attention-to-detail, passion for the craft, and a hot towel to finish off your cut, what are you waiting for?

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What services does Supercuts offer, other than the signature Supercut?

Supercuts is more than just a place to get your hair trimmed up. They also offer tea tree scalp massages, hair coloring services which includes options of highlighting, gray-blending, or full color, tea tree scalp massages, as well as different waxing services. As an added value to your haircut, you are entitled to a relaxing Hot Towel Refresher. In addition to their services, Supercuts also sells a wide variety of different salon-quality hair products ranging from shampoo and conditioner, hair treatment, styling and finishing products, all the way to anti-frizz products and color protection products, all with top-quality brands.

supercuts near me

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What are the limits to Supercuts’ services?

Supercuts stylists will take care of whatever style you are trying to accomplish. When you first begin to be helped, you will have a consultation with your stylist to explain or get advice on what style you want to go with. You have a few different options to go with depending on what you want done, between the Supercut, Supercut II, Supercut III, and Supercut Jr. for kids 12 and under. The Supercut is your classic signature cut followed by a Hot Towel Refresher. The Supercut II comes with a haircut, shampooing, and a Hot Towel Refresher. The Supercut III includes all of the offers from the signature Supercut and Supercut II: haircut, shampoo, Hot Towel Refresher, as well as a blow dry. The Supercut Jr. is the same as the Supercut, just for kids 12 and under at a lower price.
Supercuts’ hair coloring services also start with a consultation, discussing the results you want as well as recommendations for you based upon your skin color and hair style/condition. The coloring service options include highlights, tip coloring, glazing, and gray blending. In addition to these services, Supercuts also offers tea tree scalp massages that include shampoo and conditioner and a warm towel on your face, facial hair waxing; styling, whether it’s curling or blow drying; and beard trims to keep your facial hair sharp and well-kempt. Are you in a mood for a new haircut, simply search for Supercuts Near Me and find them in your location.

Supercuts Near Me – Supercuts Facts

Supercuts has over 2,000 locations nationwide.

Founded in 1975 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Frank E. Emmett and Geoffrey M. Rappaport, Supercuts has since opened over 2,000 locations nationwide and there’s only more locations opening. The first Supercuts location is still open in Albany, California, while the headquarters is in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Supercuts is a wholly owned subsidary belonging to Regis Corporation. Regis also owns MasterCuts, SmartStyle, Cost Cutters, Mia & Maxx, Regis Salons, and First Choice Haircutters across Canada and the United States. The United Kingdom also has some Supercuts franchises owned by Regis. Chances are that if you live in North America, there’s a Supercuts near you. Just check the Supercuts near me map above.

Supercuts offers a lot more than just the typical haircut.

While every haircut comes with a Hot Towel Refresher, Supercuts is more than just your average haircut parlor. Supercuts’ stylists will offer you advice about how to take care of your new haircut, keep your facial hair clean, style your new haircut, and pretty much give you a makeover if you so choose. You can even check in beforehand and make an appointment with your phone. Supercuts offers a wide range of styles that you can choose from, as well as recommendations from the stylists on location. If you want those pesky hairs on your face waxed, you can get that done. If you want your hair to be more fitting to your style with color, you can add color. If you want to get rid of those grey hairs that keep popping up, you can easily get rid of them. If you want to add some pop to your hair, you can get the tips colored or you can get highlights to make your hair look healthier and more upbeat to match your personality. You can go in to Supercuts looking one way and come out with a whole different look and really a whole different feeling of being completely refreshed and confident with your new, expertly-done haircut, hair color, beard trimming, hair styling, refreshing scalp massage, maybe even all of the above and a Hot Towel Refresher to top it off.

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